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Kamisama no Karute 2 DVD&Blu-ray to be released in October

Adestya Ayu August 13, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,332 views
Kamisama no Karute 2 DVD&Blu-ray to be released in October

A sequel to the film Kamisama no Karute starring Sho Sakurai (Arashi) and Aoi Miyazaki which was released on 21 March 2014 comes out on DVD and Blu-ray soon in this October. Tatsuya Fujiwara and Akira Tsukamoto also appears in the film. This film is directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa.

This movie is a sequel of Kamisama no Karute which is a bestselling novel of the same name by an actual doctor. In the sequel, Sakurai plays as Dr. Ichito. This is the sequel to the first movie that was released two and a half years ago.  This time, the plot of the movie revolves around Dr. Ichito’s friend from college days, Dr. Tatsuya Shindo, who comes from Tokyo and starts working with Ichito at Honjo Hospital. In their university days, Tatsuya was called “conscience of the medical school” although at the moment he has changed a lot.

Special editions come with a bonus DVD featuring commentary video featuring the director and Sho Sakurai, making-of, and “Memory of Kamisama no Karute 2” (about 180 min. total).

For ordering the DVD, go here.

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