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AFA ID 2014 X LiSA Live Performance in Indonesia

Shitoshi Eka August 25, 2014 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,573 views
AFA ID 2014 X LiSA Live Performance in Indonesia


On August 15, 2014, AFAID 2014 (Anime Festival Asia) for the umpteenth time was held in Indonesia and at this time AFAID brought more and more famous Japanese Anisong artists. This time, AFAID Anisong artists to perform was TM Revolution, Aoi Eir, Haruna Luna, Hachioji P and many more. The concert was titled Love Anisong.

However, at this time one of the Anisong artists hold her own solo concert because she wanted to give a different look this year. It was LiSA.

LiSA is a Japanese solo artist and most of her singles are used as the soundtrack of Japanese anime like Mahouka Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei, Angel Beats, Fate Zero, and Sword Art Online. The concert was hold on August 23rd, 2014 at Upperoom Annex Building exactly one week after the AFA ID was hold at JCC Senayan, Indonesia.

Lisa named this concert : LISA X AFA ID 2014.


For the second concert in Indonesia, Lisa performed 14 tracks, consisting 8 songs with one special song from the 6th single titled Bright Flight / L.Miranic. By the time Lisa sang her encore, she went on stage wearing Batik because she said that she is in love with Indonesia.


Op: Crossing Field by Sword Art Online

M1: Waratte Hoshikitte

M2: Say My Name no Kataomoi

M3: Ichiban no Takaramono by Angel Beats


M4: Traumei

M5: Bright Flight/ L.Miranic (New Single)

M6: Rising Hope


EN1: Oath Sign by Fate/Zero

EN2: Crow Song by Angel Beats

During the MC session, there was a question from one of the fans to Lisa about her Indonesian favorite food. LiSA happily admits that she loves fried rice. In addition, she also claimed to like spicy food. At the end of the show, Lisa revealed that she will come again to Indonesia if there’s an opportunity offered to her.

When being asked about her solo concert in Indonesia after the concert ended, she happily replied “I feel very happy to be given the opportunity for a concert in Indonesia, because the fans here are good and excited about me and my songs, I love them all“. She also added that she wants to come back to Indonesia with new concert atmosphere and more fans to come.


Photo by: Nico Febrianto

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