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Wagakki Band Released First DVD/Blu-ray Single

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Wagakki Band Released First DVD/Blu-ray Single

Wagakki Band, which consists of seven musicians and the singer Yuko Suzuhana, deftly fuses traditional Japanese instruments with contemporary rock. Though the stage may get a bit crowded with a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, a tsugaru-jamisen (Japanese lute) player, a koto (Japanese harp) player, a shakuhachi (Japanese flute) player, a taiko drummer, and a fan-swinging singer, they manage to put on a surprisingly dynamic and cohesive performance.

After releasing a full album which were purely vocaloid covers earlier this year, the band has been on the road touring both in Japan and at the Japan Expo in Paris. Despite their busy schedule of rehearsing and performing, they still have time to work on a new, original song.  While they haven’t released a full video yet (maybe will be published around a few more weeks), just check out the short version below. Note this will be their FIRST original song and MV.

Called “Hanabi,” which means “fireworks,” in Japanese language. In case you ever wondered if they had the musical chops to write their own music, wonder no more, they definitely do! The full song in DVDs and Blu-rays just released on August 27. There will be two different versions–regular and an limited–of the final release, with each version including the full-length video and a making-of video in addition to a version-specific live performance. Each disc will also come with a randomly selected member trading card.

Catalog Number
AVXD-91693 (Blu-ray)
AVBD-92069 (DVD)
¥1,950 (Blu-ray)
¥1,620 (DVD)
DVD/Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. Hanabi -MUSIC VIDEO- (華火)
  2. Hanabi -MAKING- (華火)
  3. Live Video


Limited First Press Edition (DVD/Blu-ray)


Reguler Edition (DVD/Blu-ray)


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