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Psycho le Cému 15th Anniversary Reunion

anniz October 7, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,533 views
Psycho le Cému 15th Anniversary Reunion

Popular cosplay band Psycho le Cému have announced that they will reunite for three lives in February to commemorate their 15th anniversary. Titled Psycho le Cému 15th Anniversary Live TOKYO PARALLEL WORLD, the reunion events will kick off with Hajimari no kiseki at Toyosu PIT on February 11th, which will be followed by two back-to-back shows at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on the 14th and 15th: Omoide no toki e and Ano basho o yume mite.



Psycho le Cému (サイコ・ル・シェイム) was a Japanese visual rock band. Its members were Aya, Daishi, Lida, Seek, and Yura-sama. Formed in 1999, Psycho le Cému distinguished themselves in the visual kei scene via their cosplay, with their members dressing in colorful, extravagant outfits inspired by anime and video game characters. In May 2006 Psycho le Cému toured to support the release of new album. Although as soon as the tour was over, Psycho le Cému went on what seems to be a permanent hiatus.

For celebrating their 15th anniversary, the members have revealed new characters for the occasion, which fans can find on their official site, and a new Youtube channel has been opened for the band here featuring a number of past PVs. A special trailer for the reunion can be viewed below.

Check out the dates below and make sure to mark them to your calendars!

Psycho le Cemu 15th Anniversary Live

~はじまりの奇跡 / hajimari no kiseki~
Date: 2015/02/11 (Wed)
Place: Toyosu PIT
Time: OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

~想い出の時へ / omoide no toki he~
Date: 2015/02/14 (Sat)
Place: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
Time: OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

~あの場所を夢見て / ano basho wo yume mite~
Date: 2015/02/15 (Sun)
Place: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
Time: OPEN 15:00 / START 16:00

Tickets: ADV 1F Standing 6,800 yen / 2F Seated 7,800 yen
Ticket sales start: 2014/12/20 (Sat)

follow their twitter to keep updated with the latest news 😉




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