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Report of Press Conference Hellofest 10

Shitoshi Eka November 21, 2014 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,150 views

On 20 November 2014, Hello Motion held a Press Conference to commemorate the tenth year of HelloFest.  The theme for this year’s HelloFest is ‘ Mandiri Hellofest Anima Expo’. The event targeted 40,000 visitors to Tennis Indoor Stadium on 22-23 November 2014 . This event is to witness the appearance of local creators for animation, a short film , cosplay , craft , merchandising and the local pop culture. Begin with a merely 300 visitors, last year’s event has reached 33,000 visitors. In addition to three main events in hellofest anima expo namely Hellofest (animated movies, non animation and film) 8 seconds , Kostumasa , and of course Hellofest Market (exhibition pop culture that means of direct transactions users and creator of the creative products). There are also programs local animation rally as a showcase of Indonesian animation.

Press conference was conducted in Mandiri Incubator which is a building provided by Bank Mandiri for youths who use Mandiri e-money. Wahyu Aditya as founder and chairman of hellofest came to the presscon, along with Firman Widyasmara, the Hellofest Master. They shared their success story when they started Hello Motions. Not to forget, the board of directors of Bank Mandiri who gives sponsorship to Hellofest 10.


Wahyu Aditya as Founder & Chairman Hellofest

Wahyu Adhitya said that this year’s event will be two times more massive than Hellofest event last year. This year HelloFest is way bigger because there will be screening of some short films  included.


Left : Wahyu Aditya as Founder and Chairman Hellofest , Center: Direction of Bank Mandiri,
Right: Firman Widyasmara as HelloFest Master

Firman Widyasmara said that he joined HelloFest for almost 6 years. He was interested in joining HelloFest because there are many visitors up to today that are very creative and enthusiastic with the local animation or the animation subject itself. He added that Indonesian youths has so much talent but they don’t know how to explore because the Creative Container is not yet available. Therefore, he believes that this event will bridging that needs for the visitors who want to learn and explore their creativity.

Director of Bank Mandiri said that in HelloFest this year, he will get the opportunity to introduce Mandiri E-money to the youth. He believes that using e-money instead of cash, will be very useful. In this event, visitors can use e-money for the shopping transaction and hop on and off by TransJakarta practically.


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