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Exclusive Interview with YUYOYUPPE at ITGCC Kemayoran – Jakarta [22 Nov 2014]

anniz November 24, 2014 Featured Content, Interview 1,579 views
Exclusive Interview with YUYOYUPPE at ITGCC Kemayoran – Jakarta [22 Nov 2014]

YUYOYUPPE, the Japanese music DJ and also the music producer of Babymetal, Tsukiuta, and Vocaloud come to ITGCC on November 22-23 to attend DJ Night. Kojacon team got a chance to have an exclusive interview with him. Honestly speaking, this crazy guy is a friendly and cheerful one, he didn’t hestitate to chat with us before and after the interview session to break the ice gap (LOL) So what are the interview about? Let’s check this out!


Yuyoyuppe thanks for coming to Indonesia 🙂 Is it you first time come to Indonesia? Thank you very much for the warm welcome! Yes! It’s my first time here, I’m so happy to come here and really surprised many people said they are my fans and they also greet me at twitter in Japanese language.


Have you ever go to another ASEAN countries before Indonesia? I went to Singapore for STGCC and I’ve ever been to Vietnam twice before this for Manga Festival event.


Do you have a special preparation to attend overseas event? Generally I should learn more conversation in English to greet the audience. For this event, I was googling and find out that Indonesia is very hot nowadays, so I’m using this Crocs Sandal to prevent burnt damage [lifting his foot and show his Crocs sandal] LOL


As the producer of many music genres, do you have any favorite works of yours? Basically I love all my works, I love Baby Metal, I love Vocaloid, I love Tsukiuta, and all of them. I put all my effort to mix or remix the music to make the best music in every single project. I don’t think I could choose one from all of my works. But lately, I think BabyMetal is my favorite one since I gave all my efforts to do that project. I also tried my best for Tsukiuta, so I like Tsukiuta too.


From the last Tsukiuta project, beside arranging the music, you also made the lyrics right? In “Rainy Moments”  beautiful lyrics is just like a hidden message for the fans. Could you reveal the message that you want to deliver to the fans? 

Wow! I’m impressed! Thank you! But there’s nothing hidden behind the lyrics. I mean, I didn’t mean anything from making those lyrics. Actually I made the lyrics when I’m in bad mood and my condition is not too good, for example, broken heart LOL. So it’s just like the expressions of my stress, I’m so happy if you said it’s a good words combination but for me it’s just like sharing my current feeling. Maybe for Japanese people and foreign people every word could have different meaning because the difference culture and something like that.


You’ve made “Vocalo Holic” this year, could you explain the different with the previous Vocaloid or other Vocaloid songs? Nothing special. For the difference, I think it’s just the rearranged music technology which I used in the production. If all of you like the vocaloid because of the music, the songs, or the characters, I like vocaloid because of the technology itself. How come a computer could make such a good, beautiful and dynamic sound like that? So I just try to mix the music using that technology to make it more interesting. I also try to make the new one for every work I made, for this case, I called the latest one “Vocalo Holic”.


You’ve already attended the event here and there, which event gave you unforgettable moment? 

All event created a good memory for me actually. But if it’s about the craziest performance, I will answer Chile. When I attend the DJ stage in Chile, the audience are shouting something in Spanish and some of them shouted back then they make a sudden movement together which made me very surprised. After that all of them were like raising their hands up while chanting between singing my songs. I was very happy! So I did that also together with them again and again even if I didn’t understand the meaning LOL.


For the next event, in NicoNico X KuniKaigi event that send World Tour Vibes, personally is there any country you’d like to visit? Europe. I want to go to Europe. I’ve visited America, South America, and Asia. If it’s possible, I really want to go to Europe and South America again. I’d like to go to Brazil and Holland also. But after all I think I want to go to France, but I have a doubt because I can’t speak French at all (LOL) Anyway I hope Kuni kaigi will visit France someday.


Have you ever attended more than one event in one day? How could you manage it? It’s very tiring, isn’t it? Yeah of course! I have one effective method for relieving stress! I play Mine Craft. I build many things perfectly, then I crush them all instantly! (LOL) It makes me realize that all of your hard work could be damaged by anyone in second so you shouldn’t make it hard, just enjoy the life and laugh happily! I could laugh like insane after all the buildings are broken. Beside that, playing with the music also helps me to reduce the stress and makes me forget that I’m already tired. That’s why I always bring my laptop and headphone anywhere I go.


You must be already tried some Indonesian foods after your arrival here, what did you eat and how does it taste? Yes! I’ve eaten some Indonesian food yesterday. All of them are great, they have may different taste I’ve never tried before. But the most impressive is Sop Buntut, it was so hot and spicy. After I finished eating Sop Buntut, I got stomachache this morning LOL But generally speaking, Indonesian food are delicious, I like it!


Good Luck for tonight and tomorrow performance! Yeah! Thank you! Make sure you will come to attend DJ night! Beside DJ-ing, I also will sing a song tonight!




Special thanks to ITGCC and Praxis

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