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MANZAI ZANMAI Vol.5 [27th Nov 2014]

aria November 28, 2014 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,163 views

Performers: Yano Hyoudou, Unabara Yasuyo Tomoko, Tutorial, Smile, Diane, Denis, Giulietta, Einstein.

Ticket 2000yen, Open 18:50, Start 19:00, Finish 20:30 at NGK!

MANZAI ZANMAI means like “absorption in Manzai” so it was a non stop 90mins Manzai live!!

Tutorial did “Sansuikan” Manzai…

Well, they have this conte called Sansuikan..

And they made it into a manzai and performed it! It was the first time for me to see this manzai (They sometimes do in Lumine The Yoshimoto Tokyo) so I was like.. WOW(@_@)!!!!! I’m so lucky to see Sansuikan in Osaka!!

Christmas illuminations near NGK!

so beautiful(^O^)/

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