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[INTERVIEW] I Love Anisong 2014 Presents FLOW

anniz December 30, 2014 Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,517 views
[INTERVIEW] I Love Anisong 2014 Presents FLOW

Flow is a Japanese rock band, that formed in 1998 and signed on to Sony Music Japan’s Ki/oon Records label. Flow is a five-piece band made up of two vocalists, a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist. As of March 2014, the band has released 27 singles and nine albums. Their songs have been used in the opening sequences of several anime series. At AFASG 2014, Kojacon Team could join the Interview Session with FLOW members on Sunday 7th December right before the Anisong Concert last day.


Welcome back FLOW members! How do you feel after returning here again?
Keigo: We’re very happy to return here after two years, this place is very nostalgic place and I’m looking forward to have fun in tonight’s concert.


Having collaboration with Gran Rodeo this year, do you want to collaborate with other artist?
Take: For Anisong concert tonight, we will have a collaboration with a dancer group, in Samurai Flamenco’s soundtrack. This is very special because we only do this in AFASG not in another live event. Please enjoy!


For Koshi and Take, how does it feel to work with your brother?
Take: Actually, it’s very embarrassing.. Really embarrassing.. Atmosphere in home and studio is different, and what to do in which time sometimes make us confuse (LOL)
Koshi: embarassing~~


Regarding your latest single, Nanatsu of Taizai, which sin from that anime will you choose?
Take: I love food, I like to eat.. so maybe appetite sin.. Like chicken rice, curry, etc
Koshi: I like ecchi things.. I ike girls.. hahaha..
Keigo: Jealousy.. Like when I see other band perform better
Goto: Anger.. I often got angry.. eventually.. but it’s lie (LOL) i choose liar for my sin..
Iwasaki: Greedy.. I want many things, I want to be loved etc.. I want love right now! LOL Anyone wanna be my lover?


Could you give us any comment about the latest collaboration with Gran Rodeo in Nanatsu no Taizai anime?
Keigo: For us, we really happy that we could worked together with two members from Gran Rodeo. Previously, in some Anime Live Event, we’ve already performed together with them and often have some talks also. For me, personally, Kishou-san and Izuka-san brought a good atmosphere so we never get nervous or something like that, I’ve ever think about could we make an original collaboration someday in the future? And finally that’s answered, we got offering to this Nanatsu no Taizai Project together, and I’m very excited about this!


Talking about Anime Sountracks and Anisong, do you have any favorite anime?
Take: Of course Nanatsu no Taizai!! Hahaha.. Just kidding.. Basically I like Shonen Jump anime from my generation, Like Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, or Slamdunk..
Koshi: Lately I’m watching Nanatsu no Taizai for sure.. But I also like Gogure Kokuri-san, very interesting story.. It’s mermaid! Mermaid!!
Keigo: Nearly same with Take, because we born in same generation.. Anyway among anime we performed, I choose Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouche..
Goto: Uchuu no Kyoudai or Space Brothers.. I wanna go to outer space like shuujinkou in that anime LOL
Iwasaki: Gundam! I’m watching gundam for 15 years.. I also like Detective Conan and Naruto


Your first Anisong Debut is Naruto’s Opening Sountrack titled “GO!” right? I think it was one of best hit ever. How do you feel about Naruto’s ending in manga?
Take: As the first Anime we sung.. As the starting point before we could sing a lot song for another anime.. As one of the famous anime in the world, we really often see overseas fans cosplaying Naruto in anime event, also.. As one of Shonen Jump’s masterpiece.. We felt kinda sad and couldn’t believe it at first. Anyway thanks to Naruto we could go overseas to promote our single.


If you could be another member for one day, which member do you want to be?
Koshi:No one want to be another member! We hate each other! LOL how about anime character? I choose Shinji Ikari – Evangelion
Take:  Gokuu – Dragon Ball.. I want to take Kinton and play all day long in the sky
Keigo: Tsubasa Oozora – Captain Tsubasa.. Because I like soccer, I want to try drive shoots!
Goto: Nobita – Doraemon in case of Doraemon is there so Doraemon could help me..
Iwasaki: Getter Robot.. I want to be robot, or something as if it is not live creature


If you lost on desert island, who will you take along among the members?
Take: Iwasaki
Koshi: Iwasaki
Keigo: Koshi
Goto: Iwasaki
Iwasaki: Keigo

Goto: Why no one choose me?
Take: you are Nobita, we don’t want to go with Nobita LOL


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