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Gion Kagetsu [31st Dec 2014]

aria January 1, 2015 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,246 views

I went to Gion Kagetsu New Year’s Eve Stage….

To make the last day of my 2014 happy by seeing Tutorial lol

They did “Sansuikan” Manzai…

Manzai version of this conte!

Fuku chan did great tsukkomi.. “Aho! Aho!!” and “Itooshikunaruyaro!!” mean “idiot” and “I’m getting to love it” lol What kind of tsukkomi are they Fuku chan lol

And when they finished the manzai, they bowed many times and said “Thank you for supporting us this year! We hope you have a happy new year!! Please support us in 2015 too” ..That is why I am a Tutorial fan(^o^) Of course I will support them until I die.. even after I die lol

And Ero Sanbagarasu countdown event!!!! I have been wanting to go to this event for 5 years but it’s R18.. and finally I could go!! lol

Ticket 3000yen, Open 22:30, Start 23:00, Finish 0:40.

First they had Kohaku EROS Uta Gassen lol Yes while the NHK one was aired on TV(^^; Some female comedians came as the guests and they had Kohaku EROS song battle and the white won lol

And when we counted down to the new year, they started counting from 48 because there are special sex positions called Shijyuuhatte(48 techniques *look at the pic above*) in Japan from Edo(samurai) period lol They showed the poses on the screen and counted them and.. HAPPY NEW YEARRRrrrrr!!! Then there a love doll mikoshi (litter.. like a divine palanquin of Shinto shrine and a love doll sitting on it LOL) appeared and they scattered condoms to the audiences LOL Yeah.. it was the first time for me to have such stuuuuuuuupid new year’s eve because I always watched Johnny’s countdown on TV and said Happy New Year to my mom and my cat lol

>>pic credit!
It was soooooooo much fun!! I’m sure my 2015 will be a wonderful great year full of EROS lol

There was this kadomatsu on the stage for new year’s decorations lol

I wish you all a happy happy happy happy new year! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!!

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