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The long awaited ‘Tokyo One Piece Tower’ will open in March 13th!

karina January 11, 2015 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,122 views
The long awaited ‘Tokyo One Piece Tower’ will open in March 13th!

Amusequest presents you the long awaited opening of Tokyo One Piece Tower on March 13th 2015!

Amusequest, a national affiliate company of Amuse is responsible for the limited time project including the planning, production, and execution of the theme park called ‘Tokyo One Piece Tower’.

‘Tokyo One Piece Tower’ is based on ‘ONE PIECE’, the original work that can be seen on Shonen Jump, published by Shueisha. The material of this tower will be taken from the TV Animation, and it will be opened in Tokyo Tower Foot Town.

Visitors to the tower is going to be able to experience exclusive attractions, live entertainment shows (Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Exploration, Nami’s Casino, Soul Edge of Zoro, Brook Horror House and Poneglyph Searching with Nico Robin), restaurants, also shops that will sell original limited edition goods! Presale tickets are available from 2nd January 2015 onwards at the 7-11 convenience stores across Japan.

Tokyo One Piece Tower

[Tokyo One Piece Tower]
Opening Hours : 10:00 ~ 22:00 (on March 13th will open on 13:00)
Tickets :
– On The Spot : 3,200 yen (adults) ; 1,600 yen (kids age 4-12)
– Presale : 3,00 yen (adults) ; 1,500 yen (kids age 4-12)

For more information please visit the official website HERE

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