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A9’s Show and Tora New Project : DIAWOLF

karina March 4, 2015 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,338 views
A9’s Show and Tora New Project : DIAWOLF

Alongside with the release of A9 comeback, they also officially launch a side project, which consist of Show & Tora, that come with the name “DIAWOLF”. What make this project interesting is the fact that KEN’ICHI, currently the drummer for LOKA, having participate as the drummer part of the project. This will bring a heavy element into DIAWOLF’s music which will differs the sound from the original A9 sounds. Check out their music video below!

“Rebellion” Music Video

DIAWOLF will remark their debut as a project by releasing ONE COIN TEASER REBELLION which slated to be release at 12th April 2015 in a series of SHIBUYA VISION [ vol 1] with the first live showcase scheduled to be on 15th March 2015.
DIAWOLF_main edit
[vol.1] 2015.3.15 THE TWISTED HARBOR TOWN / ROOKiEZ is PUNK’ D
[vol.2] 2015.4.12 THE TWISTED HARBOR TOWN / this is not a business
[vol.3] 2015.5.24 THE TWISTED HARBOR TOWN / and more…

■DIAWOLF official page : http://diawolf.com

■DIAWOLF official facebook : https://www.facebook.com/official.diawolf

■DIAWOLF official twitter : https://twitter.com/diawolf_info

■DIAWOLF official instagram : https://instagram.com/p/zrcoXhI-6n

■DIAWOLF official youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSglmIp4S5Yunm7ZtIqR2OA

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