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Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu ~Hyakka Ryouran~ All-in-One CD Series

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Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu ~Hyakka Ryouran~ All-in-One CD Series

“Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu” is another otome game visual novel collaboration between Otomate and Idea Factory for the PSP software which originally released in 2014 and for PSVita, this otome game’s sequel released on June 2015. This time, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu under TEAM Entertaiment and SONY Music Marketing released all-in-one CD series titled “Hyakka Ryouran” which contained mini drama, character song, and situation drama. While usually this kind of otoge will release many CDs for different subject of contents, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu bundle all of them in one CD. What a great news! For seven shinobi characters, this series will be separated into 3 CDs. Before checking out cast comments from all seiyuu, let’s read a quick preview first.


The outline story is about the 16-year-old girl (heroine) named Kaede Katagiri, who lost her parents when she was young and have since then been raised by her grandmother who eventually passed away as well. To support herself and pay for her school fees, the heroine does public duty from sunrise till nightfall daily. Furthermore, in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a ninja, a profession she has always admired, the heroine also attends a ninjutsu dojo in town. One fateful day, she meets the vice chairman of the “Sanada Training High School” Takaie Fujiwara, while at work, and is given an invitation to accept their scholarship certification examination. But for her to pass the examination, the heroine has to enter the training school and meet the grade requirements for the midterms. In order to attain her dream of becoming a ninja, the heroine accepted his offer. However, on her first day at school, she ends up activating a mysterious hidden technique which makes all the guys fall madly in love with her. From below shinobi who already captivated by your love spell, which shinobi will you choose?


Takuma Terashima as Sasuke Sarutobi
Sasuke is the heir to a distinguished family of Kabuki actors but aspires to walk down the path of a ninja. He’s talented when it comes to ninjutsu, but dislikes studying and often makes mistakes when writing or speaking. He also possesses a cheerful personality and is the mood maker of the group.

Takahiro Sakurai as Kuroudo Kirigakure
Kuroudo has excellent academic results and can do anything perfectly. He leads a very poor life, but is super popular among the female students due to his good looks. He has a cool and composed personality, doesn’t speak much and can be rather blunt.

Takuya Eguchi as Tadahito Kirigakure
Tadahito is Kuroudo’s younger brother. He just entered his first year school in “Sanada Training High School”. He really admire his older brother, but despite of his cool-looking, actually Tadahito has an opposite personality. While Kuroudo is a cool person, Tadahito is so childish.

Yuuki Ono as Kamakiyo Yuri
Kamakiyo is always studying all the time and like the heroine, his dream is to join the Sanada Brave Corps in the future. He is very particular about adhering to the rules and dislikes anyone who ruins the school’s tradition. Kamakiyo is also strict with not only himself, but on others too.

Hiro Shimono as Garaiya
Garaiya never attends classes and his actions are governed by his own rules. His words are always chuunibyou-like and in contrast  to his strong attitude, his real personality appears from time to time.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Daisuke Anayama
Being the heir of a famous clinic which combines both medical treatment with ninjutsu to heal all types of diseases, Daisuke is constantly involved in endless rumors regarding his relationships with women. He also believes that money can solve everything.

Kousuke Toriumi as Yukikage Sanada
Yukikage is a teacher in Sanada Training High School who is well-loved by the students due to his mild demeanor. He is a calm and dependable person but it seems that he shares a connection with the heroine.



Hyakka Ryouran Maki no Ichi
Release Date: April 22nd 2015
Price: ¥ 2,800 (before tax)
Sasuke Sarutobi
Kuroudo Kirigakure
Tadahito Kirigakure

01. Chara Song “Ore wo Shinjiteru” by Sasuke Sarutobi
02. Chara Song “Yofuke no Hoshi” by Kuroudo Kirigakure & Tadahito Kirigakure
03. Mini Drama “Shinobi, Shitsuji Kissa Utsutsu Nin Koi Gendai Shokugyou Taiken” by Sasuke, Kuroudo, Tadahito
04. Koibito Doushi Situation (chapter Sasuke Sarutobi)
05. Koibito Doushi Situation (chapter Kuroudo Kirigakure)
06. Koibito Doushi Situation (chapter Tadahito Kirigakure)


Cast Comment:
Give us one word about singing this chara song!
Sasuke: Shortly, the music and lyric are so straight for Sasuke and I’ve got the tsundere feels here. When I sang this song, various scene from the original story were popping out in my head
Kuroudo: What a nostalgic song. I felt an unusual feeling when I sang this song, kind of a beautiful siblings’ love or something like that.
Tadahito: Closely resmbling of 80’s song! LOL I really enjoy to sing it! I sang while thinking about my brother!

What about your impression of Mini Drama?
Sasuke: The story is about job that actually Sasuke will cannot do it! LOL How can I speak politely as butler in a cafe, then how can I handle Sasuke’s stupidity, so troublesome for me. But glad to pass it and see Sasuke’s great effort finally could handle it all in the end.
Kuroudo: I think Kuroudo is fit to become a butler, I think it just flow naturally without any difficulty.
Tadahito: I never think that in “Shinobi World of Love” I will do a butler task! LOL I tried to become a cute butler then!

How was your situation track recording?
Sasuke: I curious with this word “I’ll take good care of my health not to catch cold”, whether he will seriously take care of himself or just stupid word saying not to catch a cold? Anyway whichever it is, I think Sasuke is so cool that he could be the one to rely on while he is not in good condition though.
Kuroudo: Just the two of us in the story is supposed to be merrier, but I can feel how childish the situation is. I’m not good at receiving girl’s attention, so it was kinda difficult for me.
Tadahito: Taking care of me? How envy!! LOL Especially when she was feeding me and I said “aaaam” enviously! LOL

Kindly leave a message to all fans who listen to this CD!
Sasuke: This time, we changed job from ninja to butler. Butler! What a consciousness! Even though the story will overturn the situation smoothly from the title, just enjoy don’t take it seriously! I’ll be waiting for your smile!
Kuroudo: I joined the talk session with my brother. You should hear that part, you will know how was our feeling as brothers.
Tadahito: Many unusual places in this world represented in this CD. I was singing chara song with all my power! LOL I really happy if you could enjoy this CD!



Hyakka Ryouran Maki no Ni
Release Date: May 20th 2015
Price: ¥ 2,500 (before tax)
Kamakiyo Yuri
Daisuke Anayama

01. Chara Song “Anata no Iru Keshiki” by Kamakiyo Yuri
02. Chara Song “Nemurenai Yoru” by Daisuke Anayama
03. Mini Drama “Shinobi, Hosuto Kurabu Utsutsu Nin Koi Gendai Shokugyou Taiken” by Kamakiyo & Daisuke
04. Koibito Doushi Situation (chapter Kamakiyo Yuri)
05. Koibito Doushi Situation (chapter Daisuke Anayama)


Cast Comment:
Give us one word about singing this chara song!

Kamakiyo: This song is suited Kamakiyo well, in this song I feel a calm spring represented by sunlight stream through the tree. It makes me grin to see refreshment appearance here and there!
Daisuke: I sang like a pop song and the lyric inside seems so suit Daisuke with his sexy aura! Then I could try to show up the erotic Daisuke at the chorus part, it’s really fun!

What about your impression of Mini Drama?
Kamakiyo: It’s good experience for Kamakiyo and Daisuke by working at Host Club. They just like a different people for me. When receiving a guest, I hit a table in panic and for me it’s so suited Kamakiyo personally!
Daisuke: Fortunately this time, the location  is fit Daisuke properly! I could emphasize Daisuke’s specialty at host club! LOL

How was your situation track recording?
Kamakiyo: How to take care of sick girl? Glad to know that Kamakiyo did it well and the noise made me feel more presence of the situation. I think everyone will like it.
Daisuke: Geneally speaking, I think the most important thing is distance between us. After all, I’m happy if you also could feel the sweet atmosphere in this situation.

Kindly leave a message to all fans who listen to this CD!
Kamakiyo: I’m so happy when this info was announced last year! It’s exactly Kamakiyo in my mind. Good song, mini drama, and also situation track. Everyone, please enjoy!
Daisuke: So this time, you could see Daisuke in various ways. I will be glad if you all enjoy listening this CD!



Hyakka Ryouran Maki no San
Release Date: June 17th 2015
Price: ¥ 2,500 (before tax)
Yukikage Sanada

01. Chara Song “Shuumatsu no Muma ~Nightmare of Catasthropy” by Garaiya
02. Chara Song “Unmei ni SakuHana” by Yukikage Sanada
03. Mini Drama “Shinobi, Hoikuen Utsutsu Nin Koi Gendai Shokugyou Taiken” by Garaiya & Yukikage
04. Koibito Doushi Situation (chapter Garaiya)
05. Koibito Doushi Situation (chapter Yukikage Sanada)


Give us one word about singing this chara song!
Garaiya: When I read the title.. it’s.. written “shuumatsu no muma” but read “nightmare catastrophy” I.. feel.. like.. This title is so me! So Garaiya! So chuunibyou [1].  Especially when I feel the painful lyric, it so suited to Garaiya. Anyway, there are too many kanji with unusual yomikata in this song, so I think it’s quite hard to sing out when you go karaoke! LOL
Yukikage: Actually I surprised when there’s no such Yukikage’s image in this song. And since this song is so difficult for me, I tried so hard to sing it.
[1]Chuunibyou or “2nd Year Middle School Syndrome” is a colloquial and rather derisive term in Japan which describes a person at (or merely enter) the age of fourteen would either act like a know-it-all adult, or thinks they have special powers no one else has. Implying to be unique, more than meets the eye.

What about your impression of Mini Drama?
Garaiya: I just could laugh when imagine that Garaiya and Yukikage at school’s nursing room. Should we use an apron like a nurse also? LOL It feels like you read “Garaiya” as “Momotarou” instead! But yeah, anyway it’s fun to hear this story.
Yukikage: What to say.. It wasn’t like what you think about dynamic and high-speed ninja activity. Right?

How was your situation track recording?
Garaiya: A girl taking care of me? Never know the feeling before. Honestly, never get a chance to! So it’s a new experience for me. It’s fun to say, such a “could you help taking care of me?” LOL
Yukikage: Influenza is the matter of all sickness in this world, just get well soon!

Kindly leave a message to all fans who listen to this CD!
Garaiya: Since there are so many situation in this CD, just check all track and go find my hidden-fave-scene here! Please keep supporting Shinobi, Koi Utsusu from now on!
Yukikage: I’ll use ninja arts. “ninpou!! kono CD ga tanoshimi de shikata ga naku naru no jutsu!” [2].
[2]“It can’t be helped anymore!! Just listen to this CD!!” 


Since now all CD on sale, you could join the give-away campaign! Get a chara shikishi signed by the seiyuu after completing the questionnaire form inside the CD! This campaign is valid until the end of July and the winner will be announce by the third week of August. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this chance! Just grab these CD quickly! Follow Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu official twitter for latest updates! [at]nin_koi

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