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No.9 -Fumetsu no Senritsu- [31st Oct 2015]

aria November 1, 2015 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,294 views

I went see to SMAP Inagaki Gorou’s stage show called “No.9 -Fumetsu no Senritsu-“(immortal melody) >>official site!

Ludwig van Beethoven / Iganagi Goro
Maria Stein / Oshima Yuko
Johann Nepomuk Malzel / Katagiri Jin
Nanette Stein Streicher / Maiko
Nikolaus Johan van Beethoven / Kato Kazuki
Karl van Beethoven / Yamanaka Takashi
Fritz Seidel / Fukami Motoki
Johann Andreas Streicher / JONTE
Johanna / Hirosawa So
Karl(Young) / Ogawa Gen
Josephine Brunsvik / Takaoka Saki
Viktor van Hustler / Hasegawa Hatsunori
Johan van Beethoven, Steve Ravic / Tayama Ryosei

Ticket S seat 11800yen, A seat 7800yen, Start 18:00, Finish 21:20.

At Orix theatre!

It’s performed in Oct10-25 at Akasaka ACT theatre in Tokyo and Oct31-Nov3 in Osaka and Nov13-15 at Kitakyushu Geijyutsu Gekijyou in Fukuoka.

The story is about Beethoven. Vienna, in 1800, Beethoven was suffering from difficulty in hearing. Composing music made him very lonely unsociable person. He met Maria at a piano atelier and his brothers and they changed his environment and state of mind. Meanwhile the international situation changes, he composed Wellington’s Victory and succeeded as a musician. However, he had a trauma in childhood that never be healed. In conflict of an anxious mind and public admiration, the concert of Symphony No.9 was held and people greatly admired it. Could he realize it? What is real music that he worked on all of his life?

Booklet 2000yen, Bag 2000yen, T-shirt 2500yen, Necklace 5000yen, Bracelet 3500yen

There were many stand flowers(๑´ㅂ`๑)

from SMAPxSMAP of course! lol

I know nothing about Beethoven and classic music and.. even music lol
but Goro chan was so good and the stage effect was beautiful(灬╹ω╹灬)

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