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Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 [21 Nov 2015]

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Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 [21 Nov 2015]

Here is the report of SKECHERS SUNDOWN FESTIVAL 2015!

SKECHERS SUNDOWN FESTIVAL 2015 is set at Marina Promenade behind the Singapore Flyer with more than 9.000 music lovers rocking together. The line-up artist are INKT (Japan), EPIK HIGH (Korea), Potato (Thailand), Caracal (Singapore), J-Rocks (Indonesia), Ground Zero (Taiwan), Cashew Chemist (Singapore), Farrago (Singapore), and Cheryl Loon (Singapore).

sf15 1

This year, the weather is a little bit cloudy as we can hear the sound of thunder before the festival started. Some audience have already brought their own raincoat and umbrella, too! When we entered the venue, we can see that there are 2 stages; Sonic Stage on the left side and Bass Stage on the right side. Cheryl Loon opened the festival at 16.45 on Sonic Stage, followed by Farrago (Bass Stage), Cashew Chemists (Sonic Stage), Ground Zero (Bass Stage), Caracal (Sonic Stage), J-ROCKS (Bass Stage), INKT (Sonic Stage), POTATO (Bass Stage) and EPIK HIGH (Sonic Stage).

sf15 2

Kei, INKT leader, was the first person who entered the stage followed by SASSY, Kissy, MACKAz and the last one was KOKI. He brought an INKT Towel and put it in front of the stage. All of them wore casual costumes; Singapore INKT t-shirt and jeans. The band started their performance with Wanderlust. KOKI shouted “Singapore! Make some noise!” which was answered by the audience with a loud scream.

inkt 4

When they entered the second song, 45′, KOKI asked the audience to clap their hands to match up with their music. The members even banged their heads and asked the audience to do the same.

inkt 1

In the fourth song, Shangri-La, KOKI screamed, “Do you want to join us?” and asked the audience to put their hands in the air and waved. In this song, even Kei, MACKAz, Kissy and SASSY also waved their heads left and right to match KOKI and the audience. SASSY is the most energetic one as he shook his head while hitting the drum.

inkt 3

“Thank you Singapore! Thank you for Skechers and thank you for everyone! I’m really happy to be in Singapore because I am longing to stay here. Please remember this great moment and support me until the next gigs. Give me your voice to make a better stage than any other. I wanna hear your voice!” said KOKI expressing his feeling. They started to play the fifth song, The Gift, and asked the audience to sing together with them.

inkt 2

inkt 5

Before entering the last song KOKI said that his English is not good enough and asked whether it is ok to speak Japanese. He started to speak Japanese and said “Thank you for today, it’s really fun. Are you having fun? This band was just formed 1 year ago but today to present in this stage together with other cool bands makes us very happy! We’re going back to Singapore again and let’s have fun together again!” he continued.

inkt 7

They sang Saisarisu as their last song to end their performance. KOKI introduced the band member names before they ended performing, “Guitar, Kei! Keyboard, Kissy! Drum, Sassy! Bass, Mackaz! and I’m KOKI! And we are INKT!”. He then threw the towel which was signed by all the members to the audience.

inkt 6

1. Wanderlust
2. 45’
3. FTW
4. Shangri-La
5. The Gift
6. Trigger
7. Saisarisu

Special thanks to : Red Spade Entertainment
Photo credit : Red Spade Entertainment
Report written by : Eva Lestari

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