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Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 Press Conference [20 Nov 2015]

karina November 25, 2015 Featured Content, Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,456 views
Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 Press Conference [20 Nov 2015]

The annual SKECHERS SUNDOWN FESTIVAL 2015 is back with 9 acts from 6 countries! We had a chance to meet them in the press conference held on 20 November 2015, one day before the festival itself. This year they have South Korea’s ‘EPIK HIGH’, Thailand’s ‘Potato’, Japan’s ‘INKT’, Singapore’s ‘Caracal’, Indonesia’s ‘J-Rocks’ and homeground Singapore musicians ‘Cheryl Loon’, ‘Cashew Chemists’ and ‘Farrago’. Unfortunately, due to delayed airline schedule, EPIK HIGH couldn’t attend the press conference.

Samantha and Kelvin

The press conference was opened by Samantha Chan and Kelvin Goh, Red Spade Entertainment Co-Founders & Organizers who expressed their sorrow over the Paris Tragedy which was happened in a middle of a concert in Paris a week before, where thousands of people who enjoyed, celebrated and came together freely to support talented artistes and music, was terrorized. “This incident awakened the entire team more than ever that Skechers Sundown Festival mission is to unite Asia goes beyond what seems now, a naïve mission to just unite musicians and fans to address the convoluted music gap faced by our promoters, producers, artists etc.”

inkt presscon 1

INKT member entered the press conference one by one. The first member to enter is Kissy followed by Kei, KOKI, SASSY and MACKAz. Kei and KOKI led the Q&A session mostly by answering the questions.

inkt presscon 2

Welcome to Singapore! This is my first question for you, is this your first time in Singapore and is there anything you want to do in Singapore?
KOKI : For these two (SASSY and MACKAz) are their 2nd time but for me, and the rest, is our first time to be here.
Kei : I want to eat Chicken Rice and I also want see Merlion.

inkt presscon 3

Congratulations on releasing your 2nd mini album Saisarisu, what is the different between your 2nd mini album than your 1st album INKT that released last year?
Kei : On the 1st album we are still identifying our music, so for the 2nd album we are composing more aggressive songs to show our band who we are and what we are doing right now.
KOKI : When creating the 1st album we haven’t done live performance, so we’re kinda confused. But when creating the 2nd album, we did some live performances and gigs, so we’re composing more up tempo music to be performed in front of the audience and to show what band we are.

inkt presscon 4

Most of your song are influenced by rock music but Zutto is a slow ballad, will be we expecting you to perform other genre songs tomorrow in Skechers Sundown Festival 2015?
KOKI : Actually, it’s not only ballad but we will mix some other genre. We are looking something more lively songs to sing, something that more INKT.

inkt presscon 5

Last question, have you ever had any performances outside Asia?
KOKI : Yes we performed in Brazil last year. We are looking to go to other countries, because we believe that when we’re in the stage, that’s our best image. And yes, we are looking forward to other opportunities and performance to visit other countries.

inkt presscon 6

inkt presscon 7

The interview then ended off with INKT signing an exclusive SKECHERS SUNDOWN FESTIVAL 2015 t-shirt.

Special thanks to : Red Spade Entertainment
Photo credit : Red Spade Entertainment
Report written by : Eva Lestari

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