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Okinawa Kagetsu [12th Mar 2016]

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Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu 1st anniversary stage \\ ٩( ‘ω’ )و //

>>official site!

Ticket3000yen, Open15:45, Start16:00, Finish17:40.

Performers : Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers, 2700, Peace, Non Style, Tutorial, and Slim Club’s Shinkigeki(comedy show).

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Yes!! Tutorial!!!! So I went to Okinawa ╭(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و lol

Tutorial played Singer song writer manzai(人´ω`*)♡

Tutrial “Hello~ We are Tutorial!”
The audience went like KYAAA~~~~(ノ≧∇≦)ノ♡♡
Tokui san “Yes I know I’m handsome”
Fuku chan “Whatever.. not that handsome today. You look tired” lol
Tokui san “Yeah I drank too much last night” LOL

“Tokui to Fukuda no, Taishita Ochi mo nai, Talk live no youna mono in Okinawa”

Ticket2000yen, Open18:15, Start18:30, Finish20:00.

They have this talk live in Lumine Tokyo every month or two and this is the first time in Okinawa. I have wanted to see it and this was my first trip to Okinawa.. so thanks Tutorial for giving me a chance to visit Okinawa ❀(≝∀(≝∀≝)∀≝)。゚.❀ lol

Tokui san “You all are Okinawan people?” And most of them raised their hands. Fuku chan “Yeah who comes all the way to Okinawa to see us?” I was like ..me 。:゚(;;≡m≡;;)゚:。 lol

And then they talked what they had for lunch.

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Tokui san went to eat pancakes with Peace Ayabe san lol He said it’s sooooooooo yummy and fluffy and lightly and softly like clouds lol (maybe >>this shop? lol)

>>pic credit!
And Fuku chan had Okinawa noodle with Non Style Ishida san and Peace Matayoshi san and they talked about DNA LOl

Tokui san went to Okinawa on the day before because he wanted to refresh his mind in a southern island. F “Why?” What’s wrong?” T “..that discussion with Yoshimoto company..” F “OK stop it. You better not tell that” LOl

He went to a bar to drink and relax but the manager of the bar suddenly said “Well, the predecessor has passed away last month..” LOl Tokui san only could reply “Oh really..” and there was a picture of him on the counter lol He just felt moremore sad. And then he went to eat curry. Then there was this American who talked suuuuuper loudly on the phone and he felt moremoremoremore sad lololol Then Fuku chan talked about he saw this American businessman group talking suuuuuuuuper loudly in the shinkansen early in the morning. He was tired and wanted to sleep but they disturbed him. He got irritated and felt impatience with them so he went to them and shouted “HEY! SHUT UP!!!!” LOLOLOl T “Yeah you know he’s crazy. Everyone thinks Fuku chan is a kind good nice person like always smiling gently. But this is his true character.. always easy to get angry. He clicks his tongue while driving” Lol When they were like 20, Tokui san found Fuku chan reading a magazine in a convenience store. He tried to prank him from behind and Fuku chan suddenly grabbed his head and yelled without noticing it’s Tokui san Lol Tokui san went omg and “Hey! It’s me! Tokui! Tokui!” lol

Tokui san recently feels he’s getting older. He has acute pain on the top of his left foot LOl And having left sided headaches for 5 days. He went to doctors and took a CT scan and there was no problem. The doctor even said his brain is beautiful LOl T “Maybe it’s because of your tsukkomi..” LOL Fuku chan hits Tokui san’s left head for tsukkomi. F “Yeah I was afraid if I killed you by my tsukkomi..” LOl T “Yes, you are a murderer. You must do dogeza to my parents.” F “I’m sorry.. Your son did boke so I did tsukkomi.. and I killed him” lol Tokui san said his sexual desire is decreasing too lol He used to try to get adult movies no matter what happens when he was young lol Like when he was a junior high school student, he borrowed an adult video from a rental shop and shot it with a video camera LOL Fuku chan doesn’t have much sexual desire by nature. T “One of your balls is peanuts size so your factory has low production” Lol F “Even small factory can make a rocket!!!” (Have you watched this drama called Shitamachi Rocket? lol) T “what a dirty joke..”

And then they talked about declining birth rates. Tokui san said polygamy can solve it lol Like only people who have great skill like sports players, scientists and handsome men (lol) can get the license and allowed to have some wives. Then Japan can collect superior DNA lol

>>official report!

And I went to Yoshimoto haunted house as wellΣ(゚д゚ノ;)ノ Yoshimoto comedians scare you lololol

the ticket is 1200yen.

Yoshimoto new goods is pen~~~(≧ω≦。) lol

Kokusai Street where there are maaaaanyyyy souvenir shops and Okinawa Kagetsu lol

Okinawa Pikachu~~~♡

Shurijyo( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧ a castle of Ryukyu Okoku(Ryukyu Kingdom). Okinawa was not Japan before. And like 50 years ago, even Japanese people needed a passport to go to Okinawa lol

Shisa which are placed on roof or gate to protect from some evils.

Okinawa reminded me of Malaysia for some reasons lol

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