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[EVENT REPORT] Yume 100 First Anniversary Offline Event “Prince Parade”

anniz April 28, 2016 Featured Content, Live Report 2,490 views
[EVENT REPORT] Yume 100 First Anniversary Offline Event “Prince Parade”

Yume 100 is a Japanese mobile-simulation dating-role playing-puzzle-game published by GCREST in coordinated with GG Studio . The original title is “Yume Oukoku to Nemureru Hyakunin no Oujisama” or translated in English “100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams”. This game presents more than hundreds seiyuu (up to 134 seiyuu until the end of April) for more than 155 oujisama, and still counting. What a numbers!

As this mobile game finally reached its first anniversary from the launching date last year (March 2015), GCREST celebrates this moment by holding an offline event in TFT Hall which themed “Prince Parade” on April 23rd, 2016. This event is attended by 14 seiyuu from Yume 100 game, Moga Mogami (Denpagumi member), and Saori Yoshida (a wresting player) who appears in latest Yume 100 CM.  Before we’re going to the event, let’s read the prologue from main story first.

One day, the heroine was returning from work, she suddenly found herself in a different world. It’s where “dream” serves as the power for people to live, called the “Yume Sekai” or the dream world. In this world, heroine is the only princess (himesama) among the other prince from several country. However, the dream world is currently being threatened by monsters that devour dreams called “Yumekui” or dream eaters who eat people’s dreams. Even though the heroine is in confusion, together with the princes that she has awakened from their sleep, they are going to help regain the lost dreams to the world.

In this game as the heroine, we should battle tons of yumekui over and over while having relationship with your fave prince(s). We suppose to beat the opponent by playing easy and simple puzzle game that combine with the RPG’s style battle mode (including its complicated skill and equip menu, different element effect, levelling, item gathering, and awaken system). We also could choose love route between “taiyou” and “tsuki” for one story of each prince to get different ending and of course we can collect all CG just like any other otome game. Similar to another standard of mobile game, Yume 100 also has limited items and characters that only appear on limited event which updated every week.


Could imagine the prologue well enough? Kind of interesting mobile game isn’t it? Now it’s time to return to Yume 100 first anniversary celebration. Let’s jump to stage event. As the opening, with Yume 100 background music, all seiyuu was coming into stage and greeted audience by their princes’ voices. Some of them also brought along chocolate or even a red rose to show up.  Nice entrance, Princes! Step forward and meet our beloved cast below!

Kenji Akabane as Lid & Almarie (MC)
Yoshitaka Yamaya as Creto & Azalee (MC)
Kazuyuki Okitsu as Rica
Yuusuke Shirai as Dian
Ayumu Murase as Hinata & Traumarie
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Chrono
Hiroki Takahashi as Nephentes  & Rasu
Souichirou Hoshi as Shigure & Keith
Yuuki Ono as Altair
Yui Horie as Gosh
Masakazu Nishida as Toto
Daiki Yamashita as Navi & Cesshire Cat
Tooru Ookawa as Saiga
Tarusuke Shingaki as Frost


First session is Quest Event titled “Prince Parade : Dancing with the Princes Part.1”. This challenge is taken by five prince: Gosh, Toto, Cesshire Cat, Saiga, and Frost. First game is “who’s the liar?” quiz! Saiga and Frost were so lazy to think seriously so they suddenly asked the audience to got the correct answer. Nice cheating! Next game is multiple choice quiz to guess from picture. As the beginning, part of prince’s body is displayed on screen, actually this question is quite easy but really tricky. Since the challengers seem confused, they asked the audience again LOL but unfortunately they guessed the wrong prince. Who do you think for the answer?  Last quest for this session is a very very very easy even for a non-yume100-player it still an easy question. Which “Navi” is voiced by Daiki Yamashita? Just guess!


Following is Quest Event titled “Prince Parade : Dancing with the Princes Part.2”.  Princes takes part in this challenge are: Rica, Chrono, Rasu, Keith, and Altair. In this session, they should answer the skill name while doing the same as displayed picture. Result of the skill is mentioned to make it easier. First question was really hard, result hint: “nebari tsuyoku naru” with mochi making pose. They answered randomly with the title of TV program, old anime technical art, even the name of candy! LOL. Next question is more difficult, result hint: “nandaka youki ni nareru” with Cossack Dance pose. Their answer are more random than before but seems all prince was really enjoying this pose, what a fun! This session was closed after all tasks done and yumekui had been crushed.


Last part of first session is Quest Event titled “Prince Parade : Dancing with the Princes Part. Final”. Prince on this game are: Azalee, Dian, and the twins Almarie – Traumarie. Ahead is a “gesture guess” game! One prince will stand on the center of the stage to show off the gesture and the rest of princes supposed to guess. First question was a bit difficult, Dian came to the front and show a “oujisama doing score challenge” gesture. Some answers popped out like “I paid a lot but my fave ouji didn’t come out at all!” or “playing mobile game!” instead, but still wrong. Finally after ome hints given, Azalee could answer correctly. Second question was “oujisama being awaken” and Traumarie showed a gesture like that. Someone said “RISE UP!” and since it was the closest answer, they all clear this final session. Congratulations for 14 price who beat up all yumekui and save the princess.

For the interval and break time for our princes, Director of Yume 100 which known as “Prince Michihito” and Moga Mogami from Denpagumi were coming to the stage. Moga Mogami said that she has been playing this game from a quite long time and her fave prince is Joshua. Then Prince Michihito asked her about some request from and to all Yume 100 player.

Moga Mogami started the topic first. She talked about friend message on welcoming party, “I really love to send message one by one for everyone on my friend list actually, but sometimes I’m very busy so I can’t write it well and I just send the default text instead. Anyway I want to greet them with my true feelings, is there any other way to make this menu more enjoyable?”. As the response, Prince Michihito said “I understand, I try to make this menu easier while not stepping our heart out. I received this suggestion as a good critics”. Then she continued with prince’s story. She asked about the simple way to read story, maybe pop out menu from character details will be easier rather than to return to top page and enter the story column.


Next topic was from Prince Michihito. He explained some thoughts and opinion from Yume 100 player. “There’s a lot of request we received, and we should thank you all for the good comments every time. I’m considering to add more deck, create easier menu and column function, also improve better control system only for my beloved princess.” Up all that above, one important element on this game of course the voice (and also voice cast LOL), lot of player keep complaining about they cannot repeat the story with voice from story log, and it’s so tiring to repeat the story from the beginning just because our lack of awareness which sometimes couldn’t be avoided. “I also understand about that matter, our team will work hard and don’t worry, very soon you all could hear your fave prince’s voice from log each time you open the story.”

Following topic is present for all princess who couldn’t come to celebrate this event together. Moga Mogami will play the score challenge and all player will received “yoseiseki” or fairy crystals on the app, based on Moga’s score. If Moga score more than 10 million, 1 crystal will be the prize, 2 crystal for 15 million, and 3 crystals for 20 million. Fortunately Moga is the Yume 100 player and she got 26,202,193! Congratulations, Himesama! You all will receive 3 crsytals on your present box soon! “I was really nervous! Actually I could get more than 26 million as well!” She added. (FYI, on night part, all players got additional 5 crystals so you must be received 8 crystal now! Once again, congrats!)

Finally, Saori Yoshida came out to the stage, wearing yellow dress as like in the Yume 100 commercials. Suddenly all audience shouted out “kawaii~”. Saori told her impression of Yume 100 CM, it was a great experience for her to pop out from the training mattress wearing this kind of dress. “I also quite surprised after read the CM’s script at that time. Thank you for offering me this opportunity!”.


Following question is about the game, Saori answered that she loves gentle and kind prince, even though in real life she never go over any ikemen LOL. In addition, Saori had been asked to choose one from 14 prince who comes today. “I’m confused because all of you are really nice prince for me. But I should choose one. I choose Toto Oujisama.” Then Toto got gold medal for becoming the destined prince.

For epilogue, 14 seiyuu of each prince were returning to stage then saying farewell by asking the princess to dance together. It was really a dream time! Last but not least, in order to make this celebration merrier, there are some game-related information published on this event. Game updates, collaboration, and new project only for all princess here!

1. Comicalize version of Yume 100 serial story is planning to release on June
2. Collaboraton between Yume 100 X Ensemble Stars. It’s not an April Fools’ joke anymore!
3.  Next official project called “Oto 100” on this autumn will establish new BGM and song.


Project details will be announced later at the official site, here. Don’t forget to check updates by following Yume 100 twitter here! Once again, Happy 1st Anniversary for Yume 100! See you soon, Princess! Hope you will get your desired Prince soon! Just view below picture from venue to feel the atmosphere♪




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S__3703215 S__3703225

S__3703212 S__3703227

S__3703201 S__3703199 S__3703198 S__3703197 S__3703196 S__3703195


Event photos credit to: GCREST, Inc. & GG Studio.
Venue photos credit & special thanks to: Kireta
Source: Social Game Info, Famitsu, Animate Times

Download Yume 100 here:
for iOs
for Android

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