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flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” Singapore Special [23rd July 2016]

karina August 9, 2016 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,610 views
flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” Singapore Special [23rd July 2016]

Finally it’s the day!

Kojacon arrived at MILLIAN SINGAPORE around 12.00pm. The weather was quite hot yet in the afternoon we were blessed with the slight rain. Some fans has been already queueing since early in the morning although the door opens at 7.00pm. Fans were coming not only from Singapore, but also from Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. Anyway, if you happen to bring more than one bag (like we did) and think it’s too much hassle to bring all your stuffs inside the venue, you can keep your stuffs inside coin lockers at MILLIAN SINGAPORE. The fee is 2S$ and there’s no limit for time. NOTE : you need to prepare 2 coins of 1S$ (small one) or 4 coins of 50cents (small one).

Official goods booth was opened at 4.00pm. You can buy souvenir program, t-shirt, towel, tote bag, backpack, iPhone case and EGG capsule. If you spent more that 100S$ you can get stickers. EGG capsule was very popular and it was sold out less than an hour!

flumpool’s Official Goods


When the door open, fans entered MILLIAN SINGAPORE one by one from VIP ticket holders to GA. Before the show started, staff announced that photography and videography were prohibited during the concert except for Canon Photo Party participants. Lights went off and the show began.


flumpool members went onstage one by one wearing yesterday’s press conference outfit and the fans screamed showing their thirst to meet them. The intro for “Kaihoku” started to fill the hall and Ryuta, the vocalist, shouted, “Singapore, are you ready?”. “Kaihoku” was then followed by one of their hits song “Kakusei Identity” and songs from their new album, “Natsu yo Tomenaide~You’re Romantic”, “DILEMMA”, ” Dear my friend”, “Rinne” and “Zettai Zetsumei”.


Right after “Natsu yo Tomenaide~You’re Romantic”, Ryuta greeted the audience, “Hello! Hello Singapore, we are flumpool! Singapore i miss you! Did you miss us? Are you enjoy? This is our second solo live in Singapore. Is it your first time coming to our live?” Well, of course this question leads to various answers. Some audience said yes and some of them said it was not their first time.

Before played “Gu Dan”, the Chinese version of “Tsuyoku Hakanaku”, Ryuta once again asked the audience whether they enjoy the concert or not and he said that in life we might have good day and bad day, but today, he’s having a best day with all of the audience. After that Kazuki greeted the audience “Hello Singapore! Are you having fun? Are you having fun! Thank you! Thank you for waiting for us! Since we are in Singapore, we will sing a Singapore song.” Kazuki began to sang the song while playing guitar. Then he started to introduce the members including their support keyboardist, Isogai Simon. Next song was “Kyou no Chikai”, “Ubugoe”, “Ashita Kimi ga Nakanai you ni”, “Yoru wa Nemurerukai?” and “Blue Apple & Red Banana”. During “Blue Apple & Red Banana” flumpool asked audience to lift their flumpool’s towel and twirl it up in the air, a completely spectacular scene of a rock concert.


Such energy from both fans and the band didn’t end only in the towel spinning, the air was heated even more when flumpool started to play their hits songs, such as “reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~”, “OAOA”, “Touch” and “World Beats”.

Like two years ago, instead of shouting for encore, fans sang a verse of “Kimi ni Todoke”. It was then when flumpool decided to come out from their back stage and sang together with fans. Next song was “Zeng Ming”, the Chinese version of “Akashi”. During this song only, Canon Photo Party participants can took photos as much as they want. Last song was supposed to be “Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai Miataranakute”, but fans keep shouting for encore; therefore, they played one more song “Hoshi ni Negai wo” and “Hydrangea”. It was very rare that they would do triple encore, they even discussed seriously when fans asked for the third encore. But finally they answered the encore call by singing an old song of them, “Hydrangea”. This made fans very happy because this is one of the song that they’ve been waiting for, since fans can hear Genki and Kazuki sing too.


Ryuta said that he was really happy and asked them to keep supporting flumpool in the future. It was definitely the best day for flumpool and those who came to the concert.

1) Kaihoku
2) Kakusei Identity
3) Natsu yo Tomenaide ~You’re Romantic~
5) Dear my friend
6) Rinne
7) Zettai Zetsumei
8) Gu Dan (Tsuyoku Hakanaku) *Chinese Version
9) Kyou no Chikai
10) Ubugoe
11) Ashita Kimi ga Nakanai you ni
12) Yoru wa Nemurerukai?
13) Blue Apple & Red Banana
14) reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~
15) OAOA
16) Touch
17) World Beats

1) Zeng Ming (Akashi) *Chinese Version
2) Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai Miataranakute
3) Hoshi ni Negai wo
4) Hydrangea


Special thanks to : Amuse Entertainment Singapore
Photo Credit : Amuse Entertainment Singapore

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