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flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” Open Press Conference [22nd July 2016]

karina August 9, 2016 Featured Content, Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,881 views
flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” Open Press Conference [22nd July 2016]

What makes flumpool’s press conference special in Singapore? Yes, flumpool’s press conference was held not only for the media but also for fans, just like two years ago. The press conference was held at Marina Square Atrium Hall. Fans or even passersby can watch the band answering questions from the media and sharing their experience about their live tour. Guess what, when Kojacon arrived there, we found out that some fans were already at the venue waiting for flumpool from early morning!

The press conference was started at 7.00pm and flumpool members came up to the stage one by one, starting from Yamamura Ryuta (Vo.), Amakawa Genki (Ba.), Sakai Kazuki (Gt.) and Ogura Seiji (Dr.) ; Genki, Kazuki and Seiji wore similar colored sweater which looks good on them.

Without further ado, Ryuta greeted the audience, “Hi! Hello Singapore, we are flumpool!” and after that they introduced theirselves. The press conference was started right away with Q&A session with the MC.

flumpool4 copy

Q : What you’ve been going through, since your last trip two years ago? What is your most favorite impression of Singapore also what are you looking forward to this time?
Ryuta : We’ve been only in Singapore for few hours and during the few hours we got so many media interviews. Actually we haven’t got a chance to actually go around Singapore yet, but we really wanna try to eat chilli crab. We are looking forward to eating chilli crab this time.
Kazuki : Instead of memory, what I want to try this time is going to the casino! I never had a chance to go to casino yet in Singapore.
Ryuta : No~ no~
Everyone : Abunai~ Abunai~
Kazuki : Actually we went to USS two years ago and I hope this time we can go again. We want to try Transformers ride.

Q : What song you recommend to your fans from your new album “EGG”?
Ryuta : World Beats. It is the new type of song that we try for the first time. Its genre is a little bit EDM, so it is a song that you can make use of the towel well. Please do join us spinning your towel during this song!
Kazuki : Dilemma. It is the song that i like the best.

Q : flumpool’s tour was started nationwide in Japan then it was followed by Taiwan and Singapore. Singapore is actually the last stop for the tour, so is there any interesting episode you experienced throughout the tour?
Ryuta : During the nationwide tour, we ate a lot and we felt we have gained weight, so we started to run. While I was running, there were two fans who actually chasing after me to get my signature. I’m trying my best to keep up my excercise and telling the fans nicely “I’m actually running, thank you for your support.” So they continue running after me. I was actually running away from the fans and the fans kept chasing after me. The scene was like, I was a robber who’s running away from two girls (laugh). It was quite an impressive experience. I’m also looking forward to run in Singapore, so if there are any fans who see me running, please do not run after me. I don’t want to be seen as a robber (laugh).

Q : What can we expect from the concert tomorrow?
Ryuta : This one is our trip to Singapore after two years. We are really looking forward to the concert. Apart from the last two years we’ve been in Singapore, “EGG” is actually a new album after three and a half years. It’s something we put in a lot of effort with and it’s different from what we’ve been doing so far. And tomorrow’s concert is actually be the last stop for “What About EGGs?” tour, so we will really give our best for one night only performance. So please do look forward to that.

Q : Goal for the rest for the year?
Ryuta : We will be having a lot of events we have planned for the rest of the year. We really do hope, fans from Singapore and Southeast Asia will come to Japan and go to our events.

Just some tidbits from the press conference; there was a fan in the front row who brought mat from “FOR ROOTS” concert. Ryuta notified him and asked, “Did you get this?” Apparently the fan was at the concert last year where he got that goods. flumpool members were very excited and felt very grateful. Then they asked other fans whether there were more fans were coming for their live concert in Japan. Some fans raised their hands and flumpool again saying many thanks to them.


After the media questions session, they did special accoustic performance of “Yoru wa Nemurerukai”. The press conference was closed by having flumpool to give out door prize for some fans who are lucky to win it.

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Special thanks to : Amuse Entertainment Singapore

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