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Interview : flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” in Singapore [22nd July 2016]

karina August 9, 2016 Featured Content, Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,699 views
Interview : flumpool “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” in Singapore [22nd July 2016]

The long awaiting flumpool’s album has just been released this year. flumpool’s fourth studio album titled “EGG” was released on 16th March 2016 after three and half year since their latest album titled “experience”. After two years, Kojacon finally had a chance to interview flumpool again in Singapore for their final stop of “WHAT ABOUT EGGs?” tour. The concert was held at MILLIAN SINGAPORE. MILLIAN SINGAPORE is a new club and livehouse opened by Amuse Entertainment Singapore and is located in #01-05 St James PowerStation, 3 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore.


Q : What is the concept of your new album “EGG”? Why is the title “EGG”?
Ryuta : We were looking for a simple title and we thought “EGG” as a title is very simple. It is simple enough that people may have different views when looking at “EGG”. For some people, “EGG” is a symbol of life. It is also may be a symbol of hope. For some other people, it might be seen as something that is trapped inside, something that uncomfortable, so we want to make the album. We hope that when people listen to our album, they can have their own reaction to it. Like, different feeling for the album.

Q : Which song from “EGG” that you recommend to your fans?
Kazuki : DILEMMA.
Genki : Ubugoe. (*Ubugoe is a song that Genki himself composed)
Kazuki : He chose it because he loves himself (laugh).
Genki : (laugh) Yes I love myself.
Ryuta : Yoru wa Nemurerukai. (*It’s the theme song for Ajin anime)
Seiji : Blue Apple & Red Banana.

flumpool 2

Q : So Genki, are you satisfied with “Ubugoe”? Will we get to hear you sing solo for your own song anytime soon?
Genki : Frankly speaking, I’m very very happy with Ubugoe. And although it’s not solo, if fans come to our concerts, all of the times, I do sing. I hope fans come to our live to hear and see me singing our songs.

Q : Do you think you’ve achieved what you’ve been dreaming of since your debuted yet?
Kazuki : In some aspects we feel that we have achieved it. We thought we will become much richer though (laugh), but we have a long way to go (laugh).

Q : So, do you have new goals now?
Ryuta : In Japan we already played in big venues like Budoukan, but in overseas we feel that we have to work more, so hopefully we will able to play in bigger venue like Singapore Indoor Stadium.


Special thanks to : Amuse Entertainment Singapore

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