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MAN WITH A MISSION Asia Tour 2016 in Singapore [27th July 2016]

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MAN WITH A MISSION Asia Tour 2016 in Singapore [27th July 2016]

MAN WITH A MISSION is a 5-piece rock band of mutant creatures with wolf heads and human bodies; Tokyo Tanaka on vocal, Jean-Ken Johnny on guitar, Kamikaze Boy on bass, Spear Rib on drums and DJ Santa Monica. The members claim to be “the ultimate creatures” who have surpassed the boundaries of many types and shapes of creatures on earth. MAN WITH A MISSION finally held their first Asia Tour this year and Singapore was their first stop followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Kojacon arrived around 6.00pm and of course fans were already queuing, waiting for the door to be opened. Tickets were divided into two categories; VIP and GA. VIP ticket holders had the best view and got signed poster that was distributed after the live. There were official goods sold at the venue : t-shirt, towel, sticker and album. When we arrived, towels have been already sold out!


The door was opened at 7.00pm and the show started at 8.00pm. MAN WITH A MISSION members came up on stage one by one wearing similar costumes. Jean-Ken Johnny shouted “Ladies and gentlemen, we are MAN WITH A MISSION!” right after that they played “Database”. The greeting then was followed by their hits songs like “Dive”, “Take What U Want”, “Distance” and “Seven Deadly Sins”.


Jean-Ken Johnny again greeted the audience, “Singapore thank you for having us here! Thank you very much! Are you guys ready for more?” then they play the next song titled “Give it Away”, “Out of Control” and their cover for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teens Spirit”. After “Out of Control”, they played VTR dance lessons of “Fly Again” and “Get Off of My Way”; how to do the dance, what you should and shouldn’t do when you dance to the songs. You guys must do it when they play both songs cause it is very fun dance and match well with the rhythm!


Before they played “The World’s on Fire”, Jean-Ken Johnny told the audience that MAN WITH A MISSION went to Europe before coming to Singapore and after the show in Singapore ended, they would be heading to Hong Kong and Taiwan. He also share his feelings that they felt so great that they can meet many people from all over the world. Soon after “The World’s on Fire” ended, they played “Emotion”, “WELCOME TO THE NEWWORLD” and “Get Off of My Way” (don’t forget to dance to this song!).

Audience shouted for encore!

MAN WITH A MISSION members, including their support guitarist ED Vedder, reappeared on stage. “Thanks for the encore! So you guys made this for us?” said Jean-Ken Johnny while looking at the banner fans made. “Thank you! So we got two more songs! Are you guys ready?” then they played “Dance Everybody” (don’t forget to twirl your towel for this song). Finally the song that we’ve been waiting for, “Raise Your Flag” was played as the last song for this live.


It was a really hot performance and we bet everyone was really satisfied with the band in that unforgettable night. It’s a night to remember and we believe that MAN WITH A MISSION does feel the same, thus they made a promise to come back again to rock Singapore!

1. Database
2. Dive
3. Take What U Want
4. Distance
5. Seven Deadly Sins
6. Give it Away
7. Out of Control
8. Smells Like Teens Spirit
9. Fly Again
10. The World’s on Fire
11. Emotion
13. Get Off of My Way

14. Dance Everybody
15. Raise Your Flag


Special thanks to : Amuse Entertainment Singapore
Photo Credit : KA2@A.D.P… (A.D.P…ALLSTARS)

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