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Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016 in Miyako Messe, Sept 17-18

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Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016 in Miyako Messe, Sept 17-18

Kyoto Kokusai Manga Anime Fair is an annual event which held in 3 venue at once in Kyoto (Miyako Messe, ROHM Theatre Kyoto and Kyoto International Manga Museum) which organized by KYOTO INTERNATIONAL MANGA ANIME FAIR Executive Committee, Kyoto City and sponsored by Kyoto International Manga Museum, KYOTO CMEX Executive Committee, Kyoto Computer Gakuin・The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics. Abbreviated as “Kyomafu”, this event is aiming to create business matching opportunities for companies from Kansai and Kanto region, building a steady environment for young creators from Kansai, promote manga and anime among manga and anime fans from Japan and overseas, developing the contents industry in the Kansai region. In 2016, Kyomafu is held on September 17-18. For publishing this event, “The Kyoto Municipal Subway” has been operating trains decorated with anime characters since Aug 11.

The two-day event will be held at three locations. Most of the action will occur at Miyako Messe convention center, which will host stage shows by male and female seiyuu, also feature booths run by 63 anime- and manga-related companies. Guests can also check out the latest productions and shop for souvenirs. On top of that, the facility also welcomes visitors with a cafe themed on the manga “Kuroshitsuji”. The Kyoto International Manga Museum is also participating by setting up a booth for Kaiyodo, which makes collectible figures, and holding an exhibition about the manga series “Dagashi Kashi” (which can be read as “cheap sweets” or “however”) while the Rohm Theatre Kyoto is doing its bit by celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Detective Conan” with concerts that will start Sept 17. Showing a foreign passport or your residence card also gets you into Miyako Messe for free.

Total visitors number is 43,936 people which increased 11.9% from the previous event was recorded, what a great success! This year become the fifth anniversary of Kyomafu with total exhibitors from publishers, animation studio, and educational institutions are 68 companies and organizations. Goods sales and the popular anime manga works together with Kyoto company has expanded to limited-pre-sale goods and general selling goods, such as about 380 points of collaboration goods. Cosplay area that was newly established to a variety of people (such as migratory type of family) are planned to expand and it was well received. Below Kyomafu Stats we got from official website.

“Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016”
Total number of visitors: 43,936 people
Miyako Messe: 32,313 people
Kyoto International Manga Museum: 6,508 people
Rohm Theater Kyoto: 3,000 ※ main hall 9/17 only (Sat)
Family area: 2,115 people

There’s original character shop which only available this time in area titlt “Kyomafu Shop” in the ground floor. Limited merchandise from more than 20 titles of anime and game, are ready to be yours! Let’s say, Osomatsu, Servamp, Nintama Rantarou, Bungou Stray Dogs, Touken Ranbu, Hakuouki, Show by Rock, Diamond no Ace, Hetalia, Yowamushi Pedal, and so on. For those who wants to sit and take a break, you may come to character themed cafe, between the stage area and Kyomafu Shop. This time, Kyomafu presents Kuroshitsuji Cafe original in Kyoto and also Animate cafe in collaboration with Ensemble Stars. Tons of menu could be chosen happily according your favourite character(s). Enjoy Kyoto-traditional-themed sitting area while exchanging merchandise you just bought with another fans!




Moving on to the left, there’s two stage events available at Kyomafu. Open stage and limited event stage. For the limited one, audience who won the lottery could watch the event stage for the applicable time.

Limited Stage (Sat, Sept 17th 2016)
Kyomafu 2016 Opening Ceremony
Tokyo 7th Sister Talk Show
Servamp X Bananya
Ayaka Suwa & Naomi Oozora Open Radio Show
Nobunaga no Shinobi in Kyoto
Nanatsu no Taizai Special Talk Show

Limited Stage (Sun, Sept 18th 2016)
Uchouten Kazoku
Okusama Ga Seito Kaichou! +
Dream Fes Kyomafu Special
Ao no Exorcist
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphan
Boku no Hero Academia

Open Stage (Sat, Sept 17th 2016)
CG Anime Content
Chikatetsu ni Noru
Chou! Animedia
Etotama in Kyomafu
Chikatetsu ni Noru seiyuu & cosplay

Open Stage (Sat, Sept 18th 2016)
Digital Manga Campus
Sawagai Sports Manga Fukyuu no Tame「Be The HERO」
Presentation from AEYAC
Seiyuu Tamashii in Kyomafu

Following exhibition area is located on the 3rd floor. After we arrive from a long-queue-escalators, we found many booths and stands with beautiful decoration are welcoming us! Major Japanese music companies, animation studios, game production house, manga publishers, collaboration project, local radio and merchandising companies exhibit here. Why not visit them one by one if there’s a lot of time to spend in Kyoto?







Beside that, we could find following events which still located at Miyako Messe. Let’s take a look one by one. First is cosplay area, for the first time In Kyomafu, they were preparing a Cosplay Area and Changing Room in Miyako Messe. Special photo backgrounds will also be available in the hall. We are awaiting all the cosplayers and cosplay fans.

Then “Hoozuki no Reitetsu” Original Illustrations Exhibition. From color pictures to prints and drafts, a variety of hell illustrations will be displayed at the exhibition. Original goods with illustrations from Natsumi Eguchi herself will also be up to sale exclusively at the exhibition venue! If you’re not so familiar with the story, here’s the background: In the next world there is Heaven and Hell.  Hell is divided into 8 Hot and 8 Cold Hells, additionally there are 272 separate divisions. There is only one demon who can take care of all the problems occurring in such a vast Hell. His name is Hozuki and he is the assistant of King Enma. Follow the adventures of Hozuki in his busy Days in Hell!

Next space is “Traditional Art Workshop”. Still in Miyako Messe, you can take part in Tezuri (hand printing), Tsumami Zaiku and other traditional workshops, and make your own original goods. “Tsumami zaiku” is a traditional craft which has been practiced since the late Edo period. this craft is They are most often seen adorning the hairstyles of japanese maiko (Apprentice geisha). In Kyomafu, this floral hairpin building you can experience. In collaboration with Hakuoki this time , we experienced the products that the motif the character of the image color. Lastly, they also have Surigata-Yuzen dyeing experience corner. In the Traditional Arts Pavilion at the Venue, under the guidance of the Kyoto craftsmen from Kyoyuzen you can learn the unique skills and make your own original goods.


Move to the ROHM Theater, They held a marvelous event titled TV&MOVIE 20th Anniversary “DETECTIVE CONAN” Concert 2016. It’s an event that was met with an enthusiastic reception in Osaka and Tokyo this spring (May) is coming to Kyoto! Thanks to the never-ending support of the fans, anime “DETECTIVE CONAN” that debuted in 1996 celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The feature film released this April was also a great success, hitting box-office record for “DETECTIVE CONAN” movie 3 years in a row. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of “DETECTIVE CONAN” we will be bringing back all the famous songs that accompanied the anime throughout the years in the new orchestra version. Through the collaboration of musical pieces and scenes that move the fans we will follow along the 20 years of “DETECTIVE CONAN’S history. They were also had special KYOMAF surprise content! Meanwhile, “Family Events” will take place in the ROHM Square (Inner courtyard).

See you at Kyomafu 2017 Next Year!

Pictures are taken from : Kyomafu Official Website

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