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Rozan no Nihon Koujyou Iinkai [20th Nov 2016]

aria November 22, 2016 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,415 views

Rozan’s Japan Improvement Committee.

Ticket2500yen, Open18:30, Start19:00, Finish20:30 at Gion Kagetsu.

Performers: Rozan, All Kyojin, Tutorial Fukuda, Tsukitei Hachimitsu, Wagyuu Kawanishi, Gakutensoku Yojyou, AisekiStart Yamazaki.

Rozan Suga chan “Fuku chan! Long time no see!!”
Tutorial Fuku chan “Yeah genki?” was cute♡٩(๑´0`๑)۶ lol

Kawanishi san said it’s annoying that people in the service industry talk to customers without PERMISSION lol Like a sales person in clothing store talks to him and makes him feel uncomfortable. Clothing store clerks talk about clothes but beauticians never talk about hair they just talk something like what does he do or the weather or gossips or something like that and it’s more annoying him LOl

Yojyou san “Huh? They only talk about hair like “I can’t do anything for your hair but what do you want me to do?”” LOl His hair style is..

this lolololol He always orders CUT IT ROUND lolol

Hachimitsu said to reduce minor crime such as littering or jaywalking, Japan should do like Singapore lol He went to Singapore last year and he asked a Singaporian how they keep Singapore so clean then he answered if you litter n the streets, you will be sentenced to flogging LOL reallyΣ(・ω・;||???? I thought its just a fine.. So he said all Japanese must have a whip and if you find someone doing something bad, you can whip him LOl

Fuku chan said these people who suddenly stop to take out the ticket in front of the ticket gates must be blown off to the starting point of the station LOL They must regret and feel sorry for bothering others lol And if you do it 5 times, the government will summon you and implant an ic card into your body lol And when you have to recharge it, you have to have 5 hour surgery to put it out and charge money and put it back into you lol And the card can be seen through your skin and people see you as like oh this person failed 5 times..( ・`ω・´) you must be ashamed of yourself that you didn’t take out the ticket before you go to the ticket gates LOl well.. wonder what happened when he came from Tokyo lol

I bought this Kyoto traditional sweet called Ajyarimochi~~ love itヽ( ´∇`)ノヽ(´∇` )ノ♡

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