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SuG Versus 2016 EXTRA at Nagoya E.L.L. [23rd Nov 2016]

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SuG Versus 2016 EXTRA at Nagoya E.L.L. [23rd Nov 2016]

On one side we have Gokuako [極悪] SuG, the dark and gothic side of the band and the other side we have the Gokusai [極彩] SuG, the pop and colourful side. November 23rd was the day of Gokusai SuG performed at the Nagoya ELL. The SuG VersuS 2016 [EXTRA] tour turns two days of show into a battle to see which side of the band makes the fans scream more.


Equipped with a decibel meter on each side of the audience and a judge, SuG, opened their show for fans with 39GalaxyZ. Boys and girls grabbed their towels, in the bigger SuG colored style, to kick off that party. Fans singing together early on as they followed the members of the band, especially TAKERU, the vocalist, who asked them to spin their towels in the air.

Animation going up when B.A.B.Y brought the band members further forward, even YUJI risked a few dance steps as he jumped. Fans did not disappoint when they was asked to make the “OH OH” of the song, which made them all even more excited when Funkanzen Beautyfool Days came. A quick pause brought Judge HASE to the stage again, he asked the fans to shout out the name of their favorite member to measure the decibels, and that was the crazy. Members asking to call their names, screaming fans, and incredible 100 decibels were beaten. But the question is… Are you ready for ROUND 2?

Jun・Fujun isei kouyuu was met with acclamation from the fans accompanying the animated music, but Fast Food Hunters was the one who threw the energy up. Fans jumping, a mix of samba with rock on the stage while TAKERU and YUJI risked a quick samba and the fans did not disappoint, head banging without fear! In the biggest Friday night style, FRIDAY, came on a Wednesday but so what? The band, with their fans, was jumping and enjoying that exciting moment. A short break brought hits like Sakura Ame and teenAge dream to make the fans sing along with the band. Again, Judge HASE came to measure everyone’s voice at live house and kick off the last round!

SICK’S started the final round, the energy was rising once again and the fans received with acclaim songs that brought nostalgia and excitement to all. In Mugen Styles, CHIYU, asked everyone to pick up their towels once more to accompany the music that demanded energy from all fans. Jumping, spinning their towel, throwing their towel, and more! Little lover boy did not let all that animation fall and made YUJI and CHIYU sing part of the song with TAKERU who seemed satisfied with their fans who had no rest. Shanghai Honey and gr8 story ended part of that battle. Soon the voice of everyone asking for an encore took the live house and, with old successes, the band returned to the stage to play Vi-Vi-Vi, a song that received excitement from the fans that did not disappoint in giving all their energy in that encore! Even TAKERU risked a beatbox during the songs. Amazing!

CRY OUT and Smells Like Virgin Spirit closed the battle on that night, fans jumping, clapping, singing along and causing that chill on the spine that makes everyone excited. As a reward, the SuG members were not afraid to go forward and play the hand of their fans, who seems very happy for that special moment. An incredible night, an intense battle! Judge HASE returned to the stage to inform the winner of those two incredible days.

And the winner is………………………


Gokusai SuG !!!



Unfortunately we could not attend the show on November 22nd with Gokuako SuG, but we’re sure that the live were incredible as the one we attended!

More about SuG, they released their mini-album SHUDDUP on November 2nd and it’s available in stores, as well in Spotify! They will end the tour at TOYOSU PIT in TOKYO on 30th December with a countdown show for the New Year! Run! You still have time to get ticket and witness the final battle between the two sides of SuG!

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