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Hiroaki Kato Released 1st Indonesian Album

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Hiroaki Kato Released 1st Indonesian Album

Hiroaki Kato (34) released his first Indonesian Album ever. Press conference held on March 9th 2017 at Rolling Stone Cafe. He commented on his album that since he has chosen Indonesia for his album release location, all songs will have Indonesian atmosphere. “It’s neither a short nor instant process, I did a lot of effort to make this all happened”, he stated.




Hiro made some collaboration in this album with famous Indonesian artist such as Noel from Letto and Arina from Mocca. Not only collaborated with Noel and Arina, but most of the songs are also written in Bahasa Indonesia. For your information, Kato studied Indonesia Literature program in his college days and now he’s living in Jakarta, so he encouraged himself to contribute more for Indonesian entertainment.

“This year, 2017 is the right time to make it!”, he thought. Before the event start, there was a video message session from Indonesian artists to celebrate Hiro’s 1st album. “Today I announced my 1st album to be released in Indonesia. Why Indonesia? Because I’m here, already 3 years enjoying my activity in entertainment world and I think this it the time to make an album,” said Kato in his opening speech. He wished that his songs will get a place in fans’ heart. His work with famous Indonesian artist will be an advantage to this album, so he plans to bring his 1st album to Japan. He just wanted to revise some lyrics with a proper Japanese to make it better!

Titled ‘Hiroaki Kato’ this album contains 10 songs ‘Minami Kaze’, ‘Buatmu Tertawa’, ‘Ruang Rindu feat Noe Letto’, ‘Musik’, ‘Beda Selera’, ‘My Everything’, ‘Jakarta Sunset’, ‘Happy’, ‘Terima Kasih’, dan ‘Nada Sousou feat Arina Mocca’.

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