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WEAVER Yuji Sugimoto to join “7th Kobe Marathon”

Adestya Ayu August 10, 2017 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,219 views
WEAVER Yuji Sugimoto to join “7th Kobe Marathon”

It has been announced that WEAVER’s Yuji Sugimoto (Vo, Piano) are going to participate as “Friendship Runner” on the “7th Kobe Marathon” held in Hyogo, Kobe on November 19th.


Sugimoto’s marathon appearance was announced in the live event “Umi Festa Kobe FM802 Special Live” held at Hyogo ¬∑ Meriken Park on July 30. He said that Kobe Marathon was held to disseminate the experience and lessons learned from the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, that it becomes the charm of Kobe, where people actively engage in public relation activities.

According to Sugimoto, Kobe Marathon is held so that people can learn about the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake as people can also experience the charm of Kobe. ¬†Celebrities who support the tournament, or actively engaged in publicity activities, are made into friendship runners.¬†Sugimoto says he wanted to participate in a marathon since years ago so now he challenged himself for the first full marathon, approximately 42.195 km long, in his hometown. “I’m imagining that I run happily with the runners who love Kobe while feeling the comfortable wind of Kobe”, he added.


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