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Welcome to Tokyo’s Wagyumafia – The World’s Most Expensive Kobe Beef Restaurant in Japan

Adestya Ayu August 11, 2017 Most Japan 1,295 views
Welcome to Tokyo’s Wagyumafia – The World’s Most Expensive Kobe Beef Restaurant in Japan

Established in Tokyo’s Akasaka premium neighborhood, Wagyumafia is founded by Hisato Hamada and Takafumi Horie who won the bid on the most expensive Kobe cow sold in the world last year: Rp 650.000.000,- for a 40-month-old cow with the weight of 685 kg. The cow received the highest fat marbling score in the entire history of Kobe beef, and appeared on tasting menus priced from Rp 2.600.000 to Rp 13.000.000 in January, with individual cuts available via preorder—Rp 2.600.000 per three ounces of strip loin, say, or up to about Rp 32.500.000 for that single portion of a 340 g  Chateaubriand portion.


Some people compare that the taste and texture of Kobe beef to butter because of its intense fat marbling and rich taste. Even though Kobe-certified beef is often confused with Wagyu beef, only Tajima beef qualifies for Kobe certification. As many speculate, the flavor of a beef is affected by the marbling, the fat, the breed, the bloodline, how it is raised, or even by whom it was raised. Introducing Kyuko Tanaka, the farmer who raised the winning cow, he feeds his animals only organic food,  washes them with Shiseido-brand shampoo, ultimately keeps his cattle happy and stress-free. “Happy cows yield the best-tasting meat”, he said. Knowing this, no wonder he can produce the winning cow for the best beef out there.

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Finally, you can enjoy being served directly by chef Satoshi Nagayama if you sit at the counter seat of Wagyumafia. He plates sheets of beef sashimi and shapes raw meat into a maki hand roll carefully while also prepares for other course meal.  A meal here consists of creative plates of wagyu beef, such as wagyu nigiri and wagyu shabu-shabu, that vary daily according to the chef’s whim, so diners come to learn the versatility and varied flavors of the prized meat.

Unfortunately, the only way for one to enjoy chef Satoshi Nagayama’s masterpiece is by becoming a member at Wagyumafia. Similar member’s-only dining clubs in Tokyo is to be introduced to management by someone who’s already in the club. However, if you wish to try this meal near your area, don’t worry. Wagyumafia holds the Japanese beef event regularly a few times a year in Japan, also in abroad. For example, they held the large-scale event “SUPER WAGYU SUMMIT” in Singapore and “Wagyu Kitchen” in New York, which you can find the new charm of the Japanese beef. There are various themes that they’ve made, such as “The Japanese beef and sake” or “The Japanese beef and seafood” in Singapore and New York back in 2016.


They’re planning to hold new event in Singapore and San Francisco with new themes such as “Eat all of the Beef from the head to the tail” and “Glamping (glamourous camping) with the Japanese beef”.  Hamada is also planning to disperse his knowledge at a new venue with the opening of a butcher shop in San Francisco later this year, so wagyu enthusiasts can learn how different cuts can affect the flavor. Knowing that they hold such events regularly, we hope we can come if we have the chance.

Source: www.wagyumafia.com

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