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Saiyuki Reload Blast : Anime Plaza Collaboration Cafe

anniz September 6, 2017 Featured Content, Highlights, Most Japan 2,617 views
Saiyuki Reload Blast : Anime Plaza Collaboration Cafe

Celebrating the Anime version of Saiyuki Reload Blast which will be airing on next summer anime season, Anime Plaza in Machida produced by Adores published the 13th collaboration Cafe Project “Saiyuuki Reload Blast Cafe” . This collaboration project opens from April 26 – May 31, 2017, and the cafe is located near Machida Satation, inside the Taishodou 2nd Building on Anime Plaza 4th Floor.

Guess what!? During our visit to Japan last time, Kojacon Team got opportunity to visit this cafe for dinner! Outside of the cafe, still on the same floor, there’s a game center available. So we can play UFO catcher or gachapon while waiting cafe’s time shift. Curios to see the cafe? Let’s check what’s inside!

1) Floorjack Project
Floor mat, wallpaper, table, and all interior of cafe decorated with Saiyuki Reload Blast’s theme. There’s also 70 inch monitor playing video off all PV.

2) Collaboration Menu
Food, beverages, and desert available on each character image

Goku Ooyorokobi Yamcha Plate ¥800
Namaguzai Bouzu no Ochazuke ~Mayonnaise Tsuki~ ¥700
Gojo Tokusei! Buta Kimchi Don ¥800
Hakkai Recipe no White  Stew ¥880

Mabayui Egao Double Orange & Pine ¥630
Fushigi na Saikousou Grape & Ginger ¥630
Beni ni Somaru Strawberry Soda ¥630
Hot Hitoiki Ryokucha to Yomogi Dango ¥630

Powerful Genki na Orange Parfait ¥750
Suukou Naru Saikousou he no Omotenashi Parfait ¥815
Kurenai Iro Strawberry Cake Plate ¥750
Matcha Mont Blanc Plate ¥700


3) Cafe Original Goods
There’s limited items of original goods from cafe collaboration.
Goods also available at goods corner on 4th floor outside the cafe, so you don’t need to reserve for buying goods.

Can Badge (8 designs, random) ¥500 each
Acrylic Ball Chain (8 designs, random) ¥600 each


4) Limited Novelty Items
Free one lunch mat for one time order (any food/desert) per visit inside cafe
Original coaster (random character) every purchase of food/drink/desert


We surprised with wallpaper-like-big-poster in front of the building before we entered. At cafe, bought some random merchandise to be exchanged with another customer, that was fun! After done with the meals, everyone just wandered around to exchange the random merchandise. You can took photos here and there too. Actually we’d like to have all menu but since we only have 90 minutes to enjoy all corner of this cafe (and we cannot eat quickly though), so we just ordered 2 foods and 2 beverages, plus 2 desert! LOL

While enjoy eating, a lot of PV teaser and CM were playing on our right side of table. There’s also message board near cashier where we can write or draw Saiyuki’s related stuff or any comment then stick them up on the soft-board which already provided. Beside that, small white boards available to draw or write more messages. we’re not good at drawing, so we just write few message on the pink sakura leaf and sticked it near the tree trunk on the middle of soft-board. Could you guess which one is our message there? Enjoy the photos and see you around!

srbcafe0 (1)

srbcafe1 (1)


srbcafe9 (1)

srbcafe3 (1)

srbcafe2 (1)

srbcafe6 (1)

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