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Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- 2nd live at Shinagawa Infumi Tougi Taikai

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Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- 2nd live at Shinagawa Infumi Tougi Taikai

Hypnosis Mic, a special-built mic made to disturb human minds. Through this mic, lyrics will affect human sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system etc., and can cause various conditions. It changes form according to the ability of the user. Otherwise known among fans as HypMic or HipuMai in Japanese, this new work is about seiyuu music project featuring 4 teams of 3 members each who battle each other with the flow and style of rap music for territory battle (Territory Battle Rap is battles that take place once every month in Chuuoku).

MC groups representing each division battle each other and the winner acquires a pre-determined amount of the loser’s territory. A music video for the project’s anthem of the same name performed by the all 12, as “Division All Stars,” is now streamed on the project’s official YouTube channel. Character design is under Otomate and recording is under Evil Line (King Records). From last Otomate Party, it announced that mobile game for Hypnosis Mic will be dispatched on early 2019.

The story is set in a dystopian future where women lead the government and men are merely grunts who follow orders. The history of H was eradicated by an armed military force in a war. The conflict was replaced, not by the military forces, but by a special ‘Mic’ mesmerizing the psyches of the people. Its name is [Hypnosis Microphone]. The lyrics channeled through this microphone affect people’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system​s, making it possible to alter a person’s state of mind. Rap is used to determine one’s superiority.

Chuuoku (Central Sovereign District) is an administrative district where the government attributed to women is located. Enclosed by high walls, men can only enter during Territory Battles, in a limited number. A permit is necessary for getting in. Outside of Chuuouku District, men live in the Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and Yokohama divisions. As each division’s representative MC group fought, the districts who won were allowed to acquire certain parts of other territories. In this world, where words, not weapons, became tools of power, the battles for territories holding men’s pride and prestige begins. As guns and other weapons are no longer available, territorial fights must take the form of rap battles.


Before we enter the battlefield, let’s meet our rapper one by one from each division. Leader from each division was actually known each other from previous team named The Dirty Dawg. The Dirty Dawg was a legendary team that consisted of the members Ichiro Yamada, Samatoki Aohitsugi, Ramuda Amemura, and Jakurai Jinguji. The reason for their disbandment is still unknown and the members blame each other for the downfall. This caused rivalry between Ichiro and Samatoki as well as between Ramuda and Jakurai. The Division All Stars consists of all the members from the 4 individual divisions, making 12 members in total.

Ikebukuro Division: Buster Bros!!!
Ichirou Yamada aka MC Big Bro
Jirou Yamada aka MC Mid Bro
Saburou Yamada aka MC Lil Bro

Yokohama Division: MAD TRIGGER CREW
Samatoki Aohitsugi aka Mr. Hardcore
Juuto Iruma aka 45Rabbit
Riou ‘Mason’ Busujima aka Crazy M

Shinjuku Division: Matenrou
Jakurai Jinguji aka Ill Doc
Hifumi Izanami aka Gigolo
Doppo Kannonzaka aka Doppo

Shibuya Division: Fling Posse
Ramuda Amemura aka Easy R
Gentarou Yumeno aka Phantom
Daisu Arisugawa aka Dead or Alive



HypMic project released four singles before two “Battle Season Series” CDs.

1st single “Buster Bros!!! Generation” by Ikebukuro Division
released on October 25, 2017
2nd single “BAYSIDE M.T.C” by Yokohama Division
released on November 15, 2017
3rd single “Matenrou Onin Rinshou” by Shinjuku Division
released on December 6, 2017
4th single “Fling Posse -F.P.S.M-” by Shibuya Division
released on December 27, 2017

Battle Season Series
“WAR WAR WAR” by Buster Bros and Mad Trigger Crew
released on May 16, 2018
“BATTLE BATTLE BATTLE” by Fling Posse and Matenrou
released on July 18, 2018

After 1st battle big success on November last year, they held 2nd battle and 3rd battle this year. Titled  “Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-” 2nd LIVE @ Shinagawa Infumi Tougi Taikai (Rhyming Battle Skill Competition), this battle is held on 25th August 2018 at Shingawa Stellar Ball. Kojacon Team didn’t attend this second battle on time but fortunately, this live also officially broadcasted via live-viewing in each district’s cinema. Live-viewing is held at some cinemas in Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and also Chuuouku. So how’s this second battle is about? “Battle Season” is a project requiring user participation to vote for teams that battle it out on their respective albums. Those that buy the first press edition of the CDs or purchase select official hoodies, T-shirts, and merchandise are eligible to vote via website using a code that comes with them. Participants have until August 20, 2018 to cast their votes. The results were announced at this 2nd Live. The winners of the first Battle Season will go on to face each other.


This live started as Ichirou Yamada announced some manner rule and restriction for audience with BGM from “Ikebukuro West Game Park”. High enthusiasm made live venue turned into colorful battlefield instantly, with each image color from 4 divisions. Red for Ikebukuro, blue for Yokohama, yellow for Shibuya, and grey for Shinjuku. Introduction displayed on screen and all member came out to stage! First song was “Division Battle Anthem” and continued by “Division Rap Battle” from 11 members. Audience was fired up to the max from the very beginning. Two opening song that gave us no time to catch a breath, followed by introduction session. Let’s greet our rapper one by one!

Subaru Kimura as Ichirou Yamada
Haruki Ishiya as Jirou Yamada
Kouhei Amasaki as Saburou Yamada
Shintarou Asanuma as Samatoki Aohitsugi
Wataru Komada as Juuto Iruma
Shinichirou Kamio as Riou ‘Maison’ Busujima
Yuusuke Shirai as Ramuda Amemura
Yukihiro Nozuyama as Daisu Arisugawa
Shou Hayami as Jakurai Jinguji
Ryuuichi Kijima as Hifumi Izanami
Kentou Itou as Doppo Kannonzaka

Unfortunately Souma Saitou (cast of Gentarou Yumeno) couldn’t come on that day. But he delivered video message like a liar after cast introduction. The lip-syncing, subtitles and speech of this message didn’t match each other and all the audience could do was laugh. It was very interesting, he tried to lie just like Gentarou forgetting the script and said “just joking LOL” then continued to make new video instead in Hypmic fashion with sunglasses. Then Ramuda and Daisu commented “what are those sunglasses?!” but they promised to work hard for covering Gentarou’s part. Before we start the battle, each Division sent a representative to say some words of encouragement. From Ikebukuro was Saburo, from Yokohama was Samatoki, from Shibuya was Daisu, and from Shinjuku was Hifumi.


And then began a nonstop number of familiar songs! Let’s move forward to the territory battle! First half will be Ikebukuro vs Yokohama and second half will be Shibuya vs Shinjuku. Opening session will be battle between “Buster Bros” against “Mad Trigger Crew”. All cast returned except Ichirou, Jirou, and Saburou on stage. Buster Bros started with their solo rap which welcomed by a lot of cheerings. Jirou with “Sensen Fukoku”, Saburou with “New Star”, and Ichirou with “Ore ga Ichirou”.

Perfect selection for bursting up the mood and audience’s hype, especially by seeing their siblings relationship on stage which is so cute. Saburo added the free style rap in the end of his turn, which is super cute and cool in the same time “Today I have Ichi-nii behind me, and also Jiro. This performance is to prove that the three boys of Ikebukuro are number one. It’s not a challenge, winning is just natural. We are destined to be the number one. Let’s aim for the top? Okay?” Their turn closed by “Ikebukuro West Game Park”. With the Ikebukuro siblings moving around the stage, firing up the audience and suddenly changed Shinagawa into Ikebukuro West Gate Park.


Following team was the cool adult gang, Mad Trigger Crew came out on blue image stage. Same pattern, Yokohama team set out with  Riou who sang “What’s My Name”. Audience at battlefield were very excited to chant on chorus part together with Samatoki and Juuto. Continued to “Bayside Smoking Blues” by Juuto, he lighted up cigarette and started to sing while smoking in the relaxed-full conditioned air. Pale smoke swirled around Juuto at the beginning of the intro. Loud scream everywhere, obviously, and even louder when Juuto passed his lit cigarette to Samatoki. As Samatoki exhaled cigarette’s smoke, “G Anthem of Y-City” is started.

Then 3 members of Mad Trigger Crew closed the session by singing “Yokohama Walker”. Samatoki’s presence of contained madness, different with Ikebukuro who moved around the stage a lot, Yokohama didn’t have a lot of movements from start to finish, giving a sense of ease as adults. They really takes coolness to the next level.


Right after Ikebukuro Team reappear on stage, intro song from Buster Bros!!! vs MAD TRIGGER CREW, “WAR WAR WAR” was echoing and battlefield began to turned into red and blue wave. An intense battle of crackling scattering sparks unfolded on top of the stage. Melo A was very intense by seeing Jirou vs Juuto on stage. While Jirou was trying to challenge Juuto, Juuto just teased Jirou and pat his head! So cute! LOL. Melo B was Saburou vs Riou, how dare this sassy and impertinent lil’ bro pick a fight with first sergeant of former navy. Following Melo C was team leader battle between Ichirou vs Samatoki.Last part of this war declaration song was very intense and impressive. Fist bump from Ichirou and Samatoki got the audience to once again scream. First half session was closed by appearance from our guest star today, EGO. EGO is the lyric composer for Hypnosis mic. He wrote the lyrics for “WAR WAR WAR” together with Kenzan.


Second half was time for Shibuya Division and Shinjuku Division. First appearance began with solo rap from freepop-style team, Fling Posse. Daisu came out and sung “3$EVEN”, successfully made the yellow vibrant from battlefield more excited to chant on chorus part. Daisu was very attractive even without bringing his boombox. How sad we should skipped “Scenario Liar” by Gentarou because of his absence today. Continued to last part from Shibuya, “Drops” was sung by our cute fashion designer, Ramuda. Suddenly Ramuda pulled out lolipops and gave one to Daisu. Then they waved them up in the air. So kawaii! Free style was coming from Daisu around last part.

Their turn was closed with division song “Shibuya Marble Texture PCCS” which became more difficult to sing since there were no Gentarou on stage. But let’s see what a great improvisation from Ramuda and Daisu who tried their best to cover Gentarou’s part by replacing one to another. Standing applause for Shibuya Division! Wait! They weren’t finish yet! Ramuda took a monopod from nowhere and put his cellphone on it! He tried to take a selfie, oops, wefie with audience in battlefield. But it looked quite difficult to set up the camera, timer, etc so their time was running out. Then he said “aa sorry! next time okay!” before leaving stage LOL.


Last but not least, Matenrou from the sleepless city, Shinjuku, set up on stage with purplish grey image. The three of “Matenrou” is full of the appeal of maturity with a perfect teamwork. Hifumi with “Champagne Gold” started first for their solo performance. His groovy rap style was changing battlefield suddenly into a kinky host club look a like. Jakurai was swinging Matenrou Towel onto the beat just made audience at battlefield more histerical. Following second turn was Doppo with “Tigridia”, with a monochromatic commuter train displayed on screen. So representative! All desperate salaryman might feels like Doppo and done what he did there LOL. Finally, Jakurai came to the front and sung “Meikyuu Kabe” elegantly. His flowing lyrics without stagnation was certainly like a spiritual experience. Meanwhile Hifumi and Doppo keep singing from the corner of the stage as backing vocal. As expected, we can see how Matenrou members are getting along well, both offstage and onstage. Such a divine performance from Matenrou, closed by “Shinjuku Stlye ~Don’t Make Me Laugh~.


In any time, Fling Posse reappear on stage to challenge Matenrou with their battle song “BATTLE BATTLE BATLLE”. Let’s catch a glimpse of charming stage that full of our lovely rapper, it didn’t look like a battle of adult companion at all. Seems unfair, indeed, since the big-mouth-liar Gentarou wasn’t here. But no worries, Ramuda and Daisu gave their best to defeat Matenrou. Noisy punches of an intense battle from Matenrou and Fling Posse was here!! Jakurai, Hifumi, Doppo took out their towels and instantly got counterattack from Ramuda and Daisu who was popping up their lolipop. The composition of battle almost like the previous battle song. Melo A was salaryman against gambler boy, Doppo vs Daisu. Following without chorus, Melo B was supposed to be Hifumi vs Gentarou, but the empty part is taken over by both Ramuda and Daisu. As we know already, Melo C was battle between team leader Jakurai vs Ramuda. The sudden change to low-voice Ramuda raised cheers from the audience! As the battle was finished, both team now were returning to back stage. Don’t be sad, they still have a surprise for all audience at battlefield. Please welcome next guest star, lyric composer for “BATTLE BATTLE BATTLE”, KEN THE 390!


All cast gathered on stage for finale. Then Ichirou announced some information related to futur project of Hypnosis Mic.

1. Comicalize version will begin soon
2. Hypnosis Mic collaboration with TANITA
3. New item release: step meter gauge counter (+) VS can badge
4. Character design by Sanrio also will be produced near future (AGF)

Suddenly from Chuuouku Noble Seat Area, Chiaki Takahashi (cast of Ichijiku Kadenokuji) popped out and shouted surprisingly as all audience was looking for where the voice is come. Our Assistant Prime Minister and Director General of the Administrative Inspectorate Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department was about to announce the battle result from Battle Season which chosen by audience’s vote.

Battle result as below:

Buster Bros 32812 votes
Mad Trigger Crew 32943 votes
Fling Posse 35479 votes
Matenrou 40936 votes




“WAR WAR WAR” winner is Yokohama Division with total vote 131 above Ikebukuro Division and “BATTLE BATTLE BATTLE” winner is Shunjuku Division with total vote more than 5000 above Shibuya Division. So final battle will be Mad Trigger Crew vs Matenrou. Final Battle CD will be released on November 14, 2018 and following 3rd battle will be held on 17 November 2018 in Odaiba (Zepp Diver City).

Leader from the winner division came out for speech. Samatoki was starting the first turn. “Actually I’m kinda confuse like what should I do if Ikebukuro didn’t win. Since Ichirou has always teach us and lead us through the content, especially for me, for us who never done rap previously, he always there and help us. Even for some raps in CD Drama, Ichirou always guide us. I cannot tell to Juuto and Riou but I was thinking about this. And finally, we won. Because of this, until I die I’ll do my best! Thank you Buster Bros!!” Then Samatoki shook hands with Ichirou, Saburou, Jirou, and said “I’ll bring your passion with us, as we move forward, certainly!”. Audience’s emotions were so moved by seeing that on stage. Following was Jakurain from Shinjuku. “We’ve became a very fine team that I would like to keep fighting with for just a little more, with three of us, through Shinjuku. I want to be number one, like Koushien this year!”


Then came the long awaited ending of the live. The Division leaders gave a brief response each. Started from Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, and Ikebukuro. Once again, Ramuda asked Daisu and audience near Fling Posse’s wing to take selfie together, and this time was a great success! The last song was “Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- SP version” featuring our special guests today, EGO and KEN THE 39 alongside the rest of the cast. Both guests added rap lyric in their own division for this special version between Yokohama and Shibuya.

What an intense battle today! Kojacon Team were very happy to share this 2,5 hour battle with you all!! Hope another division will be discovered soon! LOL. See you soon on November 17!!


Full Set List

1. Hypnosis Mic -Division Battle Anthem-
2. Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-
3. Sensen Fukoku
4. New star
5. Ore Ga Ichirou
7. What’s My Name
8. Bayside Smoking Blues
9. G anthem of Y-CITY
10. Yokohama Walker

Guest Star

12. 3$EVEN
13. Drops
14. Shibuya Marble Texture -PCCS-
15. Champagne Gold
16. Tigridia
17. Meikyuu Kabe
18. Shinjuku Style ~Don’t Make Me Laugh~

Guest Star
Funk U Up by: KEN THE 390

20. Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- SP version




Download Hypnosis Mic songs here

Source & Photo Credit to:
HypMic Official Website
HypMic Official Twitter

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