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Arashi to bring storm to Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, and Taipei next week

Adestya Ayu November 3, 2019 Featured Content, News, Off-Stage Reports 961 views
Arashi to bring storm to Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, and Taipei next week

It has been announced in their very first online streaming from their official Youtube channel that they put schedule to visit Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, and Taipei as part of their 20th Anniversary Jet Storm Conference Tour from November 9th to 11th.

Arashi on their Youtube Press Con, 3rd Nov 2019

It is also announced in the band’s management website that Arashi will be traveling on a chartered jet, hence the name is “Jet Storm” (arashi means storm in Japanese).

Their announcement is also mentioning that they wishes to get closer to fans by activating their official social media platforms for the first time after 20 years, such as Facebook (@arashi5official), Instagram (arashi_5_official), Tiktok (@arashi_5_official), Twitter (arashi5official), and Weibo (@arashi5official).

The band also starts to distribute their Digital Music in Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and other platforms with all their 64 single songs and 1 new single which PV is published in Youtube for the first time at 9 pm Japan Time on 3rd November 2019.

In their youtube live, it was also announced that they will hold a concert in Kokuritsu Dome on 15-16 May 2020 before the Olympic starts. It is known that it will be the new Kokuritsu Dome after its renovation for the Olympic. To accommodate fans to be able to watch the last day of the 5×20 concert, they also decided to do public viewing on that day with 328 cinemas, 520 screens, with around 178 seats available. Of course, fans have to comply with the fanclub requirements for balloting the tickets to watch this.

Although it is not confirmed yet for the date, it was announced that Arashi will also go to Beijing in 2020 to have their Asia Tour.

According to this massive development in their management who is famous for its strict usage of social media to the artists, Arashi hopes fans can enjoy their music anytime and anywhere so the fans will not feel lonely when Arashi is in hiatus.

It is also stated that they want to try new things and do some challenges to bring experience and help their juniors and younger groups in the agency.

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