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Being able to function Notebook data opens up a lot of channels to mentor as well as a whole brand-new bank of sources that are available online for you to utilize with your course or workers. With practical software, you will be able to quickly open up, modify, and view Note pad lessons shared among colleagues.

The SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer is an application that can be used by teachers, federal government agencies, and also services. The application permits an individual to open their lessons and watch web pages with a web page sorter, play embedded recordings as well as Adobe Flash material, write over web content in digital ink as well as connect with widgets, computer animations, and activities.

Just How Can SMART Notebook Interactive Customer Help You Open And Modify Note pad data?

When the SMART Note pad interactive audience is downloaded, it allows users to quickly open up a SMART Note pad file and also its attachments with no Web connection. Educators, trainees, moms and dads, business as well as even more can all gain from obtaining access to lesson documents, powerpoint presentation upload, watch web pages making use of the page sorter, play ingrained recordings as well as Adobe Flash web content, interact utilizing widgets, animations, tasks, therefore a lot more

These SMART Note pad exclusive data are planned for use with the SMART Boards as well as SMART’ s Interactive Feedback systems.you can find more here smart notebook interactive viewer from Our Articles Educators, organizations, or federal government companies who make use of such systems produce these files with the consisted of Note pad software. When you understand just how to open Notebook documents, you, also, can use the lesson with your course or coworkers, also without having a SMART Board to run it on.

The application comes with a lots of valuable features such as pen devices and also message features. It additionally allows you to add and delete slides, type pages, relocate things, run flash documents, and also even create as well as conserve note pad files of your very own. With the ease of being on-line, you can utilize it with various other brand names of interactive whiteboards or with an LCD projector.

For your lessons and also discussions, you have a ton of devices to enable you to personalize and also make your job more interactive. There is also the gallery energy that enables you to make use of a ton of pictures, video games, graphics, interactive activities, web pages, as well as more. Whatever include it is that demand to make your lessons and presentations better, you can conveniently pull up from the SMART Notebook Interactive search device.

Being that the SMART Notebook Interactive Audience application integrates so well right into Windows, the program stays very light on computer resources all the time, so you put on’ t experience any slow down on your operating system in any way.

The application works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, 8, and 10 32 and also 64-bit computer systems. It is also available for download in a documents dimension of regarding 164.82 MB

Though most parts of the application are cost-free, in order for you to be able to access the full attributes you will certainly need to make a complete purchase

Secret Attributes of SMART Notebook Interactive Customer Include:

  • Ability to navigate web pages using the Page Sorter tab
  • Supports include as well as remove text, remove, resize things as well as even more devices to install YouTube video clips
  • SMART File Cam assimilation
  • Image gallery and search
  • Noise as well as Pen devices
  • Math-specific devices
  • Install a net web browser
  • Sustains fundamental Adobe Flash innovation use
  • Supplies Technical and online support
  • Integration with SMART Pen Tray Interactive lesson distribution
  • Send out lessons straight to your SMART Board
  • Control lessons from a mobile device
  • Share entire lessons with any kind of pupil tool
  • Teacher-paced and also student-paced shipment
  • Facilitate on-the-fly thinking


If you are an instructor, instructor, business, or normally do a great deal of lessons, forecasts, as well as presentations, the SMART Note Pad Interactive Audience is a great tool to make your work much easier. From the device’ s panel, you can choose from a ton of functions to make your lessons or discussions extra durable, interactive, as well as impactful.

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