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Does Kojacon Report have any affiliation with any artist or recording company?

No. Kojacon Report is not affiliated with any artist or recording company.  We only publish articles from selected artists from their official or related sources unless we have the chance to meet them for interview, press conference or attending the live performances.

What is the license used  for Kojacon Report?

According to Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC, this license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon Kojacon Report’s work non-commercially, but we also have to acknowledge your work. You don’t have to license Kojacon Report derivative works on the same terms. However, the distribution and reproduction of the website’s content is not allowed without credit.

 What about Kojacon Report’s responsibility?

  • Kojacon Report is not to be held responsible for a user who uses data from the website without authorisation.
  • The respective author is to be held responsible for any opinion published in an article on the website.  According to the laws of freedom of the press, each member of the website’s staff has the right to express his/her own opinion unrestrictedly on any artist. But if an author uses violent or racist language or if s/he violates the laws in their validity, Kojacon Report will take care of his/her punishment.

What is the law behind Kojacon Report?

  • The copyright for all the private articles and elements of the website belongs to Kojacon Report.
  • On the website, texts with information about the artists are written with the aid of their official websites, information by fans and other mass-media. Therefore Kojacon Report is not to be held responsible if there are inaccuracies or mistakes. Please contact us in case of such problems.
  • Kojacon Report is not to be held responsible for the contents on the websites, to which we refer through a hyperlink, since the association has no control over the contents of these websites.
  • Kojacon Report has the right to change and dismiss the article or discontinue the offered service at any time.
  • Any user commits to not create any hyperlinks which refer to websites with racist, violating, pornographic or illegal contents or contents which may be injurious to the image of Kojacon Report. The user commits moreover not to use commercial services and by no means to forward any copyrighted data.
  • The website is controlled by Kojacon Project Team which seats in Jakarta, Indonesia. Therefore the following terms are subject to the Indonesian law.

What you should not do as user?

Any user is committed not to sue Kojacon Project in the case that s/he sustains damages because of using the website. If a user uses material from Kojacon Report in a way that causes damage to the image of the website, s/he has to make up for the damage and s/he also has to recompense possible expenses due to the sustained damage. Additional or editted articles which is published outside Kojacon Report or by partners cannot be considered as an opinion or idea of Kojacon Report. The person who has written or put online the material in question is to be held responsible for it.